The Book Of Acts

Welcome To The Sermon Series On The Book Of Acts

The Book of Acts which was written by doctor Luke is a wonderful letter which tells us about the beginning of the church and how the church began to spread throughout the world. We can also see that the Holy Spirit is very active in God’s people as He enables them to spread the word of God, quickly throughout the nations.

Luke’s letter, which is sometimes called, ‘The Acts of the Apostles’, really takes us on a journey with the apostles and the Lord’s church, we read about their highs and lows, their togetherness and their divisions, their agreements and their disputes but most of all we see Jesus in them and in His church, in nearly every event. This 45-part sermon series is a bit lengthy but I’m sure you’ll find some encouragement, as you always do when you read or hear God’s Word.

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1. It's All About Jesus. Acts 1:1-3  
2. Thy Kingdom Come. Acts 1:4-26  
3. Baptism Of The Holy Spirit. Acts 2:1-16  
4. There's A New King In Town! Acts 2:17-36  
5. What Must We Do To Be Saved? Acts 2:37-47  
6. Something Beautiful. Acts 3:1-26  
7. One Thing Leads To Another! Acts 4:1-31  
8. Fear Is A Good Thing. Acts 4:32-5:16  
9. When God Has A Mission. Acts 5:17-42  
10. Problems In The Church. Acts 5:1-14  
11. A Jewish History Lesson. Acts 6:15-7:60  
12. God's Will, Will Be Done. Acts 8:1-13  
13. When We See Him, We Can Ask Him! Acts 8:14-40  
14. The Way. Acts 9:1-18  
15. We Can Do That! Can't We? Acts 9:19-43  
16. It's Not A Coincidence! Acts 10:1-23  
17. But God! Acts 10:24-48  
18. The Name! Christian. Acts 11:1-30  
19. They Prayed Around The Clock. Acts 12:1-24  
20. Seize The Moment. Acts 12:25-13:25  
21. Shake The Dust From Your Feet And Move On. Acts 13:26-52  
22. Persecution Is Worth It! Acts 14:1-28  
23. A Jesus Plus Gospel! Acts 15:1-12  
24. To Eat Or Not To Eat! Acts 15:13-34  
25. He Opened Our Hearts. Acts 15:35-16:15  
26. Freedom! Acts 16:16-40  
27. God Loves That Attitude. Acts 17:1-15  
28. The Day Is Set! Acts 17:16-34  
29. Stop Being Afraid! Acts 18:1-11  
30. Sincere, But Sincerely Wrong. Acts 18:12-28  
31. Who Are You? Acts 19:1-16  
32. Why Are You Here Today? Acts 19:17-31  
33. He's alive! Acts 20:1-16  
34. Let's Give. Acts 20:17-38  
35. Thank God For Our Freedom. Acts 21:1-36  
36. Blinded By The Light. Acts 21:37-22:21  
37. Take Courage! Acts 22:22-23:11  
38. In God's Hands. Acts 23:12-35  
39. Don't Shoot The Messenger! Acts 24:1-21  
40. God Is Helping You, But Who Will You Help? Acts 24:22-25:12  
41. Excuses! Excuses! Acts 25:13-27  
42. Decisions! Decisions! Acts 26:1-32  
43. Life's Forecast! Not Looking Good! Acts 27:1-38  
44. The Proof Is In The Pudding! Acts 27:39-28:16  
45. What Will You Do With Jesus? Acts 28:17-31