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There are 66 books in the Bible, 1189 chapters and around 31,103 verses, that’s a lot of text. Here you will find textual studies which cover a variety of different books of the Bible. They can be a bit lengthy but they are created to help us understand each book in their context.

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The Old Testament


The Book of Genesis is the foundation of the rest of the Bible, it’s about beginnings, creation and dealings with people. In Genesis we learn about sin, life, justification by faith, our need for salvation. We learn about the relationship between man and God through worship, communion and turning to God, the relationships between human beings through society and the value of faithful obedience which is conditional for salvation. The Book Of Genesis


joshuaAfter the death of Moses, Joshua begun his leadership role over Israel. Moses had successfully led the Israelites out of Egypt but now, Joshua was to lead them into the Promised Land. This is an exciting adventure to say the least, we read about Israel’s highs and lows, their faithfulness and their unfaithfulness, we read about their heroes and their villains.

God performs some great miracles throughout this book and time and time again, the Israelites are reminded of who God is and what He has done for them in the past. We see the fulfilment of God’s promise to receive the land which He promised to Abraham many years before. It’s really a book about choices, to serve God fully or not! This same choice still applies to us today on a daily basis. Lets chose wisely! The Book Of Joshua


The Book of Ruth is one of the most beautiful books we find within the Bible, It’s a story about love and loyalty. Although it has only four chapters, we see God working in people’s lives in wonderful ways.

We see Ruth’s faithfulness to Naomi, Boaz’s faithfulness to Ruth and everyone’s faithfulness to God and their faithfulness led to kindness toward each other. God in turn, rewards each of them with great blessings. We also see Ruth was a hardworking, morally pure woman and Boaz treated her with great respect, while fulfilling his lawful responsibilities. What an example we have in them for Christian living today. The Book Of Ruth


What’s the point and purpose of life? ‘Meaningless! Meaningless’ says, Solomon, ‘Everything is meaningless’. and if we look closely at the life of Solomon we will probably see ourselves somewhere in the list of things Solomon went after to find happiness. Yet, all his efforts failed to give him the pleasure and satisfaction he wanted so badly.

Solomon nearing the end of his life reflected back upon it and concluded the point and purpose of life. ‘Fear God and keep His commandments.’  The Book Of Ecclesiastes


It isn’t easy to read through Jeremiah and understand it. It’s one of the lengthy prophetic books of the Old Testament and, like most writings of that time, it isn’t in chronological order.

The book of Jeremiah suggests to us that it has written by Jeremiah himself, though many scholars question whether he wrote all of it. Some suggest that his secretary, Baruch, had a great hand in it. The Book Of Jeremiah


The dictionary says that a lament is ‘a passionate expression of grief or sorrow’ and that’s what we find in the book of Lamentations. We find the heart-breaking outpouring of a human heart which is in deep sorrow, expressed in poetry. When you read through it, you can’t miss the grief being expressed and the heartache as the writer reflects after his beloved Jerusalem is totally destroyed and now lays in ruin. The Book Of Lamentations


Unlike many other books of the prophets, the book of Ezekiel has never been seriously questioned as to its authenticity or authorship. It plays an important part in God’s revelation to Israel, and shows clearly once again that God can use the individual characteristics of people to serve His purpose. The Book Of Ezekiel


danielThe purpose of the Book of Daniel is to show the superiority of the God if Israel over the idol gods of Babylon and other pagan nations. We see the humiliation of the idol gods and their uselessness and on the other hand the glorious victories of the God of the Hebrews.

Daniel gave God the credit for his wisdom and understanding and was rewarded for his counsel and rose to the highest civil posts in three governments. He was not only a prophet but an outstanding statesman. Yet, in all his high positions he was never afraid to declare God’s truth boldly! Sadly, today, like other highly figurative books of the Bible, Daniel is greatly misunderstood and misinterpreted. The Book Of Daniel


The Book of Joel was written by the prophet Joel, who father’s name was Pethuel. Although there are twelve other men with the same name mentioned in the Bible, we can’t identify them with the author of this book. In fact, all we know about Joel is what’s found within the book itself. We do know that His name means, ‘The Lord is God’, and he was a very powerful prophet who boldly spoke the word of God. The Book Of Joel


The Book of Obadiah was written to inform Edom that they will be destroyed by the hand of God, for reasons mainly due to pride. God wouldn’t and couldn’t overlook the treatment of His people by their hands. When their ‘brothers’ were facing their darkest hour, they stood by and cheered and even helped their enemies. But it’s not all bad news, God provides a way of escape and deliverance. The Book Of Obadiah


Jonah worked in the early in the reign of Jeroboam II., and was contemporary with Hosea and Amos, but it’s possible he came before them.

As with most of the Old Testament prophets, all we know about him and his personal life comes from the book itself. We know that he was sent on a mission trip by God to Nineveh. There’s no doubt that Jonah loved his people, his fellow Israelites, but he does appear to have a problem with loving other nations. The Book Of Jonah


Whilst Jeremiah and Zephaniah were preaching judgment against Judah, the prophet Nahum was preaching judgment against Nineveh who were one of Judah’s enemies.

The northern kingdom of Israel was already in Assyrian captivity and Assyria itself was still a world dominating power. And so, Nahum preaches a very straightforward message which is, ‘the fall of Nineveh’. The Book Of Nahum


Habakkuk was a faithful man who loved God and his people. He questioned God and complained to God, not out of anger, but out of deep compassion for his people and what was going on around him. He teaches us that it’s not wrong to question God, in fact, God wants us to ask questions. The Book Of Habakkuk


Like most of the prophets, we don’t know a whole lot about their personal lives, but we do know that the name Zephaniah means, ‘hidden by God’, he was probably a member of the royal family of Judah and as a prophet, he prophesied in the days of Josiah. We also know that King Hezekiah was his great, great, grandfather, hence why some call him ‘the royal prophet’. The Book Of Zephaniah


Around eighteen years after the Jews returned back to their homeland from their Babylonian captivity, God called upon His prophet Haggai to speak to His people. This was some 60-70 years after Habakkuk. At this point the temple in Jerusalem was in absolute ruins and the leaders were extremely discouraged because of the horrendous opposition that they faced when they initially returned to the land. The Book Of Haggai


Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament and is God’s last prophetic Word to the nation of Israel. It’s a post-exilic book, which means it was written after the return from captivity in Babylon. The prophet Malachi, whose name appropriately means, ‘the messenger of the Lord’, is the last of God’s Old Testament prophets. God won’t speak to His people again for the 400 years with the arrival of John the Baptist.

Malachi wrote this book to show the Israelites, especially the priests that they have broken several of God’s covenants and He won’t accept just any old thing for a sacrifice. Malachi encourages the Jews to sacrifice right, live right and keep God first in their lives because the Messiah will come through them. The Book Of Malachi

The New Testament

Mark’s Gospel

Mark is writing to Romans and he simply talks about what Jesus is doing and how busy He is, which is exactly what the Romans were doing building roads etc., they were busy people.

It was intended primarily for Romans and this appears probable when it’s considered that Mark’s Gospel makes no reference to the Jewish law, and that the writer takes care to interpret words which a Gentile would be likely to misunderstand. The Gospel Of Mark

John’s Gospel

This Gospel is unique, in that John has a specific purpose, John wants his readers to know that Jesus is Divine. He is the Messiah who came down from heaven. He is God in the flesh. And everything in this book wraps itself around that grand theme.

Like a lawyer presenting a case, John brings up the evidence to support the fact that Jesus is God’s Son, and by submitting to His will and believing only in Him, men and women can have eternal life. John presents the case by showing us Who Jesus is. He shows us the claim that Jesus Himself made, that the Father made, and that others made about Jesus. He shows us Christ’s ‘I AM’ statements. The Gospel Of John


When Paul wrote this letter to the church in Rome, that congregation must have already been in existence for a few years because Paul tells us that his desire to go to Rome was with whim for many years. To Him this church was strong enough to help him carry out further missionary campaigns. Remember, not only, ‘do all roads leads to Rome, but all roads lead out of Rome’.

Pauls doesn’t address this church as recent converts to Christianity but he does address them as being a well organised and well-grounded congregation who are ‘filled with all knowledge and able to encourage one another’. Although he does have to explain what real ‘righteousness’ is all about throughout this letter. This was one of those unique, cosmopolitan churches which was world famous. As someone once said, ‘if you don’t get Romans, Romans will get you.’ The Book Of Romans

1 Corinthians

The First letter to the Corinthians was written from Ephesus about the time of the Passover in the third year of the apostle’s journey there, and when he had formed the purpose to visit Macedonia, and then return to Corinth. The news which had reached him, however, from Corinth frustrated his plan. He had heard of the abuses and contentions that had arisen among them, first from Apollos, and then from a letter they had written him on the subject, and also from some of the ‘household of Chloe,’ and from Stephanas and his two friends who had visited him.

Paul therefore wrote this letter, for the purpose of checking the factious spirit and correcting the erroneous opinions that had sprung up among them, and fixing the many abuses and disorderly practices that prevailed. If this church was in existence today, I’m not sure many would want to be associated with it! The Book Of 1 Corinthians

2 Corinthians

Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians sets forth the apostle’s great love for the brethren. Everything that Paul did was for the benefit of the Corinthians. Paul’s great desire for these brethren was that their spiritual restoration. The Corinthians; however, needed to clear three major hurdles to achieve restoration.

Firstly, the Corinthians needed to identify and pray for the forgiveness of their sin of being unwilling to forgive one who seeks forgiveness. Secondly, the Corinthians needed to clear themselves from sharing unlawful affections with unbelievers such as uncleanness, fornication, and lasciviousness and finally, the Corinthians needed to be restored for being deceived by divisive brethren who were teaching false doctrines and making faulty accusations against Paul. The Book Of 2 Corinthians


The Book of Colossians is an amazing read and study as we learn about the mystery of Christ which was hidden for years but now has been revealed.

This letter is a wonderful reminder of Jesus was and continues to be and teaches us many glorious things concerning how Christ did for us in conquering sin and death. Give thanks! Give thanks! Give thanks! The Book Of Colossians

1 Thessalonians

Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians answers a lot of questions which most people today and the Christians back then were asking concerning the return of Jesus. One of the questions asked within the letter to which Paul responds to is, how should we live in the meantime?

In every single chapter, there is some mention of the Lord’s return, along with some very practical applications about how we should live until that time. The Book Of 1 Thessalonians

2 Thessalonians

In Paul’s second letter to the Thessalonians, he really wants to encourage the saints who were going through a horrendous time of persecution whilst also warning them about the many false ideas and misconceptions concerning the Lord’s return and so inform the church on what they should do in terms of discipline and how to treat those who refuse to work.

Nothing much has changed today! There are still many false ideas and many more misconceptions and theologies concerning the Lord’s return! The Book Of 2 Thessalonians


Paul wrote this letter to Titus who was in Crete so that he might set straight what was unfinished, the appointing of elders.

Another reason for Paul writing this letter was to encourage Titus to teach the saints about godly living and deal with all those false teachers. The Cretan’s economy consisted of making and exporting wine and olive oil but they were notorious for their untruthfulness and so this wasn’t a nice place to live. The Book Of Titus


Thirty years or more after Pentecost, the novelty of The Faith had worn off. Things have settled down into some sort of pattern, and any hope of a mass conversion of Israel had faded. If the Jewish Christians had believed that their fellow Jews would embrace the Gospel as readily as they had themselves, they were disappointed.

Therefore, the danger existed that they might slip away from The Faith and revert back to Judaism. It was written to discourage negative thinking and to reveal that the old religion is decayed and lifeless, because its purpose has been fulfilled. Enjoy this study as you are taken back to the Old Testament and its practices and brought forward to a better way, which is found only in Christ. The Book Of Hebrews

2 John

2 John emphasises the importance of ‘continuing’ in the teaching of Christ. To go beyond that body of teaching places us out of fellowship with God and with Christ.

Lending support to false teachers causes us to become guilty of the same error that the false teacher to whom you are supporting was guilty of teaching. The Book Of 2 John

3 John

The Book of 3 John is the shortest letter in the New Testament and is addressed to a man named Gaius. The purpose of the letter is to encourage Gaius to continue to extend hospitality to travelling missionaries, especially those who come from ‘the elder’ or who are loyal to him.

The letter also contains the bad example of a man named Diotrephes who was a man filled with himself and loved to ‘rule the roost’, so to speak. The Book Of 3 John


jude He wanted to write about the salvation he shared with his fellow Christians but something more important came to his attention! It was a problem, a big problem, the problem of false teachers, who were teaching their own doctrine within the church. These selfish, greedy false teachers who were causing mayhem in the church, these false teachers who promised the world but delivered nothing!

The question is, will you have the courage to ‘contend for the faith which was once for all, delivered to the saints’! The Book Of Jude


The Book of Revelation isn’t the easiest of books to navigate through as it is a highly figurative book, sadly because of this, it’s been ignored by some and highly been abused and misused by others to promote all kinds of weird doctrine.

If we bear in mind that it was written during a time when the first-century Christians were being severely persecuted because of their faith, but were encouraged to keep the faith, then they would be victorious in Christ. Jesus Wins! The Book Of Revelation


"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds."

James 1:2