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These Bible studies have been put together by Mike Glover with the help and guidance of many godly teachers, who have permitted me to use their material. A huge thanks to all the British Bible School tutors for teaching me, and helping me grow in my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.

A special thanks to Frank Worgan for teaching me and allowing me to use and adapt some of his material. Frank, sadly for us, went to be with the Lord and joined his wife Isobel in September 2023.

I am married to Funmi, who is a major source of encouragement in my ministry. I am a graduate of the British Bible School and have many years of experience working with different congregations, along with preaching and teaching the Word of God to adults and children.

Please note that I have been collecting my Bible study material for many years and from many different sources. As a result, I don’t have all the reference sources for all the material. Apologies to those whose material I have used but haven’t referenced as a source.

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The Old Testament

Here You Will Find Verse By Verse Bible Studies From The Old Testament Books

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The New Testament

Here You Will Find Verse By Verse Bible Studies From The New Testament Books

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