8-12 Year Olds Bible Lessons

Welcome To Bible Lessons For 8-12 Year Olds

Keeping any child’s attention can be challenging to say to the least for any parent or teacher, Bible lessons 8-12 year old are here to help. Here you will find lessons that are exciting, practical and very much to the point. The kids will really enjoy these and there’s plenty of room for discussion throughout the lessons.

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The King was so impressed with Daniel that he put him in charge of the whole kingdom because he worked harder, and did much better work than any one else.

But there was a problem; some people didn’t like that idea because they were jealous of Daniel having all that power. Artie, The Real Hero!


Yes Donkey really annoyed Shrek, but they went on an adventure and eventually rescued Princess Fiona together. Yes Balaam’s donkey annoyed him when he wouldn’t go in the direction he wanted him to go, but at least now he realised that he should have always been listening to God. Balaam’s Donkey And Shrek

So many times we say the nicest things to people, or we tell them what they want to hear. But when it comes to Bible truths we can’t always tell people the nicest things. We need to tell them the truth as we find it in the Bible no matter how difficult the answer may be for them to accept. Born Again!

Did people live in caves in the past? Yes. Do some still live in caves today? Yes. What does that mean? It simply means that at times real people live in real caves.

But it doesn’t mean that they “evolved” from animals. Don’t be fooled by the evolutionists’ “fake” drawings. Cave Men

As Christians we doubt if God can meet our daily needs sometimes. Woman doubt that men can do the housework as good as they can. Men doubt if women can ever drive a car as good as they can. But if there is one area where most people doubt, even our children. It’s doubting if God really exists. Doubting Thomas

Have you ever been fishing for something besides fish? Did you ever lose money behind the couch cushion and had to fish down behind for it?

Did you ever have to fish through your backpack to find your homework paper? Fishers Of Men

You can’t always tell what a person is really like by looking at the outside. Some people may be beautiful on the outside, but they may be very mean, selfish, and hateful on the inside. Some people may not be very beautiful to look at, but on the inside they are loving, gentle, and kind, which is the way God wants us to be. It’s What’s In The Inside Which Counts!

Do you remember the story of Adam and Eve? After they had eaten the fruit that God had told them not to eat, they heard God walking in the garden. They were ashamed of what they had done and didn’t want God to find them. What did they do? They ran and hid among the trees. Did God find them? Sure he did. You can’t hide from God. Let’s Play Hide And Seek

Many people believe there are many ways to heaven they wont get there because the simply won’t read the instructions we find in the Bible. The Bible tells us there is only one way to heaven. Through Jesus. One Way Or Many?

How would you feel if you were lying there moaning and you saw someone coming towards you but they just crossed the street and ignored you? You wouldn’t like it would you, but what if you saw a minister with a dog collar on and all his priestly robes on and he crossed the street and ignored you? The Good Samaritan

We use many things to protect us, like helmets, gloves and heavy coats in the winter. People also protect us from harm, such as firemen and lifeguards. God’s protection is always there, even when we don’t know it. He has a plan for us just like He did for Moses. The Great I AM

When I was younger I had a treasure hunt I found lots of different types of keys, special key. Boys and girls you will not believe my luck!

When I was younger I found this key. You could say that I was a real life treasure hunter! The Mysterious Key


We all live by patterns and they are important because they help to keep our lives organised. The law of the land gives us patterns and if we break those patterns we will end up in prison. God loves patterns too; that’s why He gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments. Patterns are important to Him so that we can enjoy life with Him and worship Him according to the pattern He has given us in the Bible. The Pattern

Do you know who Jesus has chosen to deliver the invitation? You and me!

In the verses of the Bible that we call “The Great Commission,” he told us to go everywhere and tell everyone about his love for them! The Real Easter Story

Christians are supposed to be a thankful people while doing everything in Jesus Name. Not only are we to be thankful for our very lives every day, but we should be thankful for the sun, rain, families, friends, our health, etc, even the very food that we eat everyday. Now the world doesn’t recognise where all these blessings come from but as Christians we should know, and that’s why we should be a thankful people. The Thankful Leper

We give each week because we recognise that even though we are all poor, were actually the richest people on the planet.

You see as Christian we have many privileges and one of our privileges as Christians is to give back to God some of what He has blessed us with. The Widow’s Mite

But if I were to buy a happy meal and bring it to church and said I want to share this everyone here, do you think everyone would be filled after their share? No. Today were going to look at how Jesus can use a very small amount of food to fill everyone and still have some leftover. Think Outside The Box

One of the most exciting things I like to do but wished I could do better is to swim. And I know that most people like swimming especially children. But there are those who don’t like swimming because they can’t swim and what they tend to use is what we call a float. Walk On Water

How many of you have ever played the game Rock, Paper, Scissors? People all over the world play that game. Not just children either, even adults play the game. Did you know that there is an international tournament each year and players from all over the world come together to compete in Rock, Paper, Scissors? Yes, Rock, Paper, Scissors is a very popular game. Water From A Rock

If you love God then don’t let anyone stop you loving God. People and some friends are giants who are there to be beaten, your not alone, God is with you.

You guys shouldn’t be called the KBC but frog. (Fully Relying On God). We’re All In This Together

Zacchaeus changed when he allowed Jesus in. He changed when he realised the way he was living was not right. But not only did Jesus change his life, he also changed the lives of those living in Jericho. That day a lot of people in Jericho were much richer and much, much happier. Zacchaeus


"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."

Hebrews 12:2