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How do you share a Bible story with a child under 7 years of age? Here you will find a variety of Old Testament stories, Under 7’s Bible lessons contain pictures for you to share with those children, they are simply presented and the kids will love them.

In Loving Memory of Geneva Caldwell

Dedicated to Deborah Irwin Baker – Great Niece, deceased & Kevin Bradley Helms – Great, Great Nephew

These stories were written by a woman who had no children but put her interest in children, especially those who were neglected and unable physically to take care of themselves. These stories are a part of God’s Word, and it’s quite necessary that children learn of Him and His divine purpose for those who love Him.

It is the hope of this author that she be able to relate to children some of the most familiar stories from God’s Word. The facts and stories have been taken directly from the Bible. There is no attempt to introduce denominational creed or doctrine, but just the Bible’s written Word.

The truth must be introduced from generation to generation, and hopefully this will be one small way of doing this. May these stories interest your children and help them realise that God gave His Son for them.

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From the very beginning there has been a God. He was the One who made all things. There was no light. God created, or made, light first because there was darkness everywhere. He saw this was pleasing, and He called this light day. A part of it he left in darkness, because it would be needed, too. This was done the first day. Lesson 1: The Beginning

We go ahead for on the sixth day of creation, God made man from the dust of the earth. He made a man named Adam. He was different from other things that God had created because he was made in God’s own image. He was not powerful as God, but was higher than the animals and things God had created. Lesson 2: Adam And Eve

After Adam and Eve had disobeyed by eating the forbidden fruit, they were driven from the Garden of Eden for always. The Tree of Life was guarded by Angels. But one day something good happened to them. They had a little _ baby boy and named him Cain. This was the first baby, but later they had another boy child. They named him Abel. Lesson 3: Cain And Abel’s Offering  

For their disobedience in eating of the forbidden fruit, God sent Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden forever. He sent angels to guard the tree and to make sure they did not return. They were not happy away from home, but then they had a little baby boy. They named him Cain. Then they had another baby boy, and they called him Abel. They loved both boys. Lesson 4: Two Sons Of Adam and Eve  

Adam and Eve had other children besides Cain and Abel. Their other children had children, which were grandchildren of Adam and Eve.

As the years passed, the population increased so there were many people on the earth. Lesson 5: Noah And The Ark  

Abram decided to stay in Canaan after a short stay in Egypt, where they stayed to escape a famine.

Sarai, wife of Abram, brought with her an Egyptian girl to be her maid when she returned. The maid was called Hagar. Lesson 6: Abram And His Family

Abraham divided the land between he and Lot. Abraham gave Lot the choice of land near Jordan for his flocks. It was the richest portion. The fields were greener and the water plentiful. There were two great cities, Sodom and Gomorrah. The people of these cities were very wicked. Lesson 7: Sodom! A Wicked City

Noah’s family was the only one on earth. They had a whole new world in which to live. After -a while, Shem, Ham and Japheth, Noah’s sons, had big families of their own. Thus, the generations of people were created by each having a large family. They began to scatter and build in different places. That way, the God fearing people could move away from the wicked people. Lesson 8: A Tower Never Finished  

Abram did not have a son by Sarah for a long time, not until Sarah was getting old.

Abram thought perhaps the blessings God had promised him and his family would come through Ishmael, which was his son by Hagar. Lesson 9: God Tested Abram

Abraham lived to be an old man, and when he saw his son Isaac had grown up and married a fine woman, he was willing to die.

He had followed all the commands of God, even to the willingness to sacrifice his son. Lesson 10: Esau Sells His Birthright

Esau was so angry about Jacob receiving the blessing of birthright that he planned to kill Jacob when his father died.

He would then take over the possessions for his own. Lesson 11: Jacob’s Dream


For a long time after his wonderful dream Jacob travelled for he was running away from his angry brother, Esau, who wanted to kill him. He finally saw some men standing at a well watering their sheep. So he called out “Where are you from?” The man told him they were from Haran. Jacob then asked if they knew his uncle named Laban. The men knew Laban and pointed out his daughter. Rachel was coming to water the sheep, for she tended sheep. Lesson 12: Jacob Chooses A Wife

Jacob is now returning to his home, for he had been away twenty year. He had with him two wives, Leah and Rachel, a daughter, eleven sons, and many servants, and large flocks and herds. He was wondering if it were safe to return, as Esau had wanted to kill him because Jacob had stolen his birthright. Lesson 13: Jacob’s Fight With An Angel

Jacob, whose new name was Israel, had twelve sons. Joseph he loved better than the others. He was the oldest son of Rachel, the wife he loved and chose.

She died when her second boy, Benjamin, was born. Lesson 14: Joseph! The Dreamer

After being sold by his brothers, they travelled to the land of Egypt. Joseph knew about this land. The people were different and spoke a different language. He found himself on a stand in the market place to be sold as a slave. Many stopped by to see him, but finally Potiphar, a Captain Guard and a friend of the Egyptians, bought him. Lesson 15: Joseph Interprets Dream And Made Ruler

Joseph had a very important job. He was next in line to Pharaoh, the King. Since he had informed the King there would be seven years of plenty and seven years of famine, it was his duty to buy food and store it for the years of famine or starvation. Lesson 16: Joseph’s Brothers Learn He Is Ruler

Moses was reared as an Egyptian and as the grandson of Pharaoh. But, his mother was his nurse and taught him the Hebrew language and all about his people. She told him of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the twelve sons of Jacob, which included Joseph. He was taught of the true God, and that some day their God would lead them back to the promised land and they would be free. Lesson 17: Moses Became A Prince

Moses was now in the land of Midian far away from Pharaoh who wanted to take his life. Moses and Jethro, the priest of Midian, became friends, and so did Jethro’s family. Moses tended his flock and made his home with them. He chose one of Jethro’s seven daughters, Zipporah, to be his wife. Lesson 18: The Burning Bush

Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh to ask for permission for his people to leave. The Israelites had grown weary and did not trust Moses and Aaron. Pharaoh refused even though they told him God had commanded. He wanted them to stay and build big cities for him, and even worked them harder. Lesson 19: The Plagues God Cast On The Egyptians

The people of Israel doubted Moses at first, but it soon became clear to them that God was with Moses, for when Moses and Aaron used the rod, all kinds of plagues fell on the Egyptians.

None of these plagues fell on the Israelites, even when darkness was on Egypt, they had bright sunshine. Lesson 20: The Last Plague


The Israelites started on their journey back to the land of Canaan, which God had promised them some four hundred years ago.

Abraham had told his twelve sons of the promise God had made. Lesson 21: The Red Sea Parts To Save The Israelites

The Israelites had to travel through deserts, cross mountains before reaching Canaan.

There were thousands of people, many herds and great flocks, and clean water and food became scarce. Lesson 22: Food For The Israelites


The Israelites finally came to the foot of Mt. Sinai to make a permanent camp. It was close to where Moses had first talked with God in the Burning Bush. God spoke to Moses and told him that He was going to make these people a Holy Nation. Lesson 23: Giving Of The Ten Commandments

After the tabernacle for worship was finished, the pillar of cloud disappeared and the Israelites know that the time had come, they must move from Mt. Sinai, and continue to Canaan. Lesson 24: Two Spies Favour And Ten Spies Disfavour Entering Canaan


In the land of Uz a long time ago lived a man named Job. Job was one of the richest men in the world.

He had herds of sheep, cattle, and camels, and a large family of seven sons and three daughters. Lesson 25: Job! A Faithful Man Of God


"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."

Proverbs 3:5