The Beginning


“In the beginning God created the heavens (sky) and the earth”. Genesis 1:1

From the very beginning there has been a God. He was the One who made all things.

There was no light

God created, or made, light first because there was darkness everywhere. He saw this was pleasing, and He called this light day. A part of it he left in darkness, because it would be needed, too. This was done the first day.

On the second day

God created the air, and as far as He could see the air seemed to be blue. We call that air the skies or Heaven. He then gathered together the waters and formed oceans, lakes, and rivers, and separated them from the dry land. On dry land, He created grass, trees, and plants, and caused them to turn green and pretty. At the end of the third day, the earth began to look like it does now.

On the fourth day

He created the sun, moon, and even the little stars. So even they were placed in the universe by God’s hand.

On the fifth day

God brought living things to fill the water and air, fish for the seas and birds for the air. He also brought forth lions, elephants and all sorts of land animals.

Then, on the sixth day

God made man and placed him in this wonderful world. He made him in his own image, so man looked like God himself. He knew things were good, so God blessed his works and rested on the seventh day.


1. How long has God lived?

2. What did God create the first day?

3. What did God do with the water?

4. On the fourth day of creation, what did He call the light? What three shining lights were placed in the heaven?

5. Name living things God placed in the water, in the air, and on the ground?

6. What was the last thing God created?

7. After His work was finished, what did He do?


1. Forever 2. Daylight 3. He formed oceans, lakes and rivers 4. Sun, stars and moon 5. Birds, fish and lions 6. man 7. Rested

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