Our Goal

The Scriptures UK is a website which encourages people to study God’s Word for themselves. We want to encourage everyone to present themselves to God as one who correctly handles His Word, 2 Timothy 2:15.

We don’t expect everyone to agree with every article which is written on the site but if the articles promote a deeper study from the user and challenges their thinking, then that can only be a good thing.

We want all our users to be like the Bereans, to study for themselves to see if what they are being taught is true, Acts 17:11, and seek to follow truth.


A majority of the images used on this site are under the license of Microsoft and are used in accordance with the licence permission rules. Therefore, they are not free to copy and use and cannot be sold.

Some images are from Pexels and Pixabay and Free Bible Images, which are free to use and used within the regulations of use but cannot be sold. Other images are our own personal images which are free to use but not to be sold.  If you would like to use or copy any of our own personal images for you own personal use, please contact us.

All the written material on this website is copyright free with the exception of Jim McGuiggan’s Bible Correspondence Courses, God, Life And People and The Book Of Acts. Please contact Jim McGuiggan if you would like to use or copy his studies.


We do not charge any money for any of our materials. If anyone wants to use or share any of the articles, they are free to do so, and we thank God that people find them useful. We also offer a variety of Bible Correspondence Courses all free of charge. Click here for more information.


The website mainly uses the NIV translation of the Bible unless otherwise stated. We are in no way advocating that the NIV is the only translation which people should use.

We believe there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect version’ as every version has its strengths and weakness. We suggest that everyone uses as many translations as possible and gets familiar with what the original Hebrew and Greek texts actually say.


One of the most annoying aspects of Christianity today is people’s tendency to pigeonhole people. In the first century no one ever asked someone what ‘church’ they belonged to because there was only one church. People were either Christians or not Christians.

For example, if this site was being promoted by the Catholic church or the church of England, or any other ‘church’ for that matter, many people wouldn’t go any further than the home page.

The reason for this is usually because they have already made up their minds about what certain religious groups practice and believe and people tend to read studies only from people who are associated with their group.

We all have our biases and our religious baggage; however, truth is truth, regardless of who wrote it or what ‘church’ they are associated with.

Just Christians

This site is hosted by Christians, and the articles written within are written by Christians seeking to know God and do His will to His praise, honour, and glory in Christ Jesus and to encourage others do the same. More information about each of the authors can be found within the site.

Each author does have an association with a particular group of believers, but the main purpose of the site is to encourage people to read and study the Scriptures for themselves, not to convert them to any particular ‘church’ or any particular set of ‘church doctrines and beliefs’. Please respect our wishes not to be pigeonholed.


If you enjoy the site and find it useful, we thank you and we thank God. If you don’t find a particular subject that you were looking to study on the site, please contact us and we will try our best to assist you. Thank you and God bless you.