Bible Correspondence Courses

Welcome To Our Free Bible Correspondence Courses

On this page you will find a variety of Free Bible Correspondence Courses by various authors for you to choose from, no doubt you’ll find some a little deeper than others, but we are confident that you will find them all especially useful in helping you understand God a little more and the Bible as a whole.

After any series of studies have been completed, we will happily send you a certificate of completion, but please remember it’s all about growing in your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. God bless you as you strive to know God and understand Him better through His Word and your studies.

To request a study, click here or simply click on one of the links below to select the study you want to go through and follow the instructions.

God, Life And People

God, Life and People is a series of seven short lessons written by Jim McGuiggan. This study encourages us to look at God from His point of view beginning in Genesis.

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The Book Of Acts

The Book of Acts is a series of ten short lessons written by Jim McGuiggan. This study helps us gain a good understanding of the early church.

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Step By Step

Step by Step is a series of eight short lessons written by Alastair Ferrie. This study deals with the basics of Christianity, the organisation of the church and worship.

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The Story Of The Bible

The Story of the Bible is a series of thirty short lessons. This study will take you right through the Scriptures, you will be blessed with a better understanding of the Bible.

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Foundations Of Faith

This Free Bible Correspondence Course, the Foundations Of Faith is a series of thirty short lessons. This study will help you draw closer to God through His Word.

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