Youth Bible Lessons

Welcome To Our Youth Bible Lessons

The youth of any church are very important but so often they are neglected in services and they end up being bored. These youth Bible lessons below, are there to help, you will find a variety of lessons for all ages of children. They are designed to help them fall in love with God and His Word whilst giving them a solid foundation from which they can draw strength from throughout their lives.

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Under 7’s Bible Lessons

How do you share a Bible story with a child under 7 years old? Here you will find a variety of Old Testament stories with pictures for you to share with those children, they are simply presented and the kids will love them. Begin today to install in them God's awesome Word.

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8 – 12 Year Olds Bible Lessons

Keeping any child’s attention can be challenging to say to the least for any parent or teacher. Here you will find lessons that are exciting, practical and very much to the point. The kids will really enjoy these and there’s plenty of room for discussion throughout the lessons.

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Teenage Bible Lessons

Ah! The teenagers! They can’t live without their mobile phones, get distracted very easily and at times they just don’t seem interested! These lessons are very practical, designed to keep their attention because they will be participating in the actual lessons themselves.

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