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There are numerous themes to be found within the Scriptures. Here you find sermons themes, which will take you through a variety of different Bible themes, we hope you will find them helpful, comforting and encouraging.

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addictionsIf you have an addiction, please know, you are not alone! According to the charity Action on Addiction, one in three of us are addicted to something. Addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you. Make no mistake about it, an addiction of any kid can wreck your life and the lives of those who you love dearest around you!

Addiction is most commonly associated with gambling, drugs, alcohol but it’s possible to be addicted to just about anything, including, work, sex, the internet, solvents and even shopping. This short 3-part sermon series on addiction is not only for the addict but for anyone who wants to equip themselves a little more to hep the addict. Addiction

back-to-basicsBack to Basics is a series of sermons which examines the church’s practices when we gather together for worship, they also explain why the church doesn’t practice and believe what many religious groups in the ‘Christian’ world believe and practice today. This is a series of 10 lessons which I know you’ll find very useful.  Back To Basics

birth-of-jesusThe birth of Jesus Christ is probably one of the most famous and miraculous events recorded within the Scriptures. Sadly, there are many misconceptions concerning Emmanuel’s arrival onto plant Earth, especially the date of His birth but we thank God that He did come in the flesh to take away the sin of the world.

In this short 3-sermon series on the events surrounding His birth, you will soon discover there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. Let’s keep the Christ in Christ-mas! Birth Of Jesus

The Hebrew deliverance from Egyptian slavery to the Promised Land is one of the most action-packed stories within the Scriptures. There is plague after plague, miracle after miracle, and it’s really exciting to read, although heart-breaking at times. These stories were to be told to their children and their children’s children as a reminder of who God is and what He did for His people.

It’s difficult to imagine how the Hebrews could so quickly forget who God was and what He did for them, but as you go through this series of 5 lessons, you’ll be taken on that journey with them and you’ll soon discover that even today, as Christians, we tend to suffer from spiritual amnesia at times! From Egypt To The Promised Land

God has blessed His people throughout history with simple God given talents, to help them serve God to the best of their capabilities. When most people think about the word ‘talent’ today, they think of a big talent, the visible talent, the talents which are done in public but God can use the small, secretive talents too!

In this small 7-part sermon series, we will look at some of God’s old faithful’s found within the Scriptures to see if we can get some ideas and follow their example of how to use the talent they possessed. Some may surprise you, some may disturb you but all will encourage you to use the talent or talents which God has given each of us for His glory and His cause. Remember, Jesus once taught a lesson on ‘talents’ in a parable, ‘if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it and much more!’ God Given Talents

When it comes to change, many people simply don’t want to, many people try to resist, especially if they are used to certain habits, certain behaviours or certain lifestyles but the reality is that many things do change whether we like it or not, our bodies change as we get older, the world around us is changing all the time with new technologies and scientific discoveries and for many, an ever-changing world brings fear and uncertainty.

But isn’t it wonderful to know that even in an ever-changing world, our Lord and Saviour Jesus doesn’t change? The Hebrew writer reminds us that there is peace and reassurance in knowing that Jesus doesn’t change. In this small 3-part sermon series, taken from Hebrews 13:8, we’re exploring some of the ways in which ‘Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever’. Jesus Is The Same Yesterday And Today And Forever

Our journey with God is a 7-part sermon series which helps us look at life from God’s perspective. In it we see a God who desperately wants to have a relationship with mankind. We see a God who displays a love like we’ve never experienced before but we also see a God who can’t turn His back on sin.

We begin by looking at why we were created and try to understand why a holy God would want to have a relationship with an unholy people. I guess the bigger question is, why would a holy God want to take us to heaven. Our journey with God

All Christians are walking, talking, advertisements of the Person they claim they belong to and follow. If a person claims to belong to Christ but their lifestyle shows otherwise, the Bible calls them hypocrites!

This very short, 2-part sermon series helps us to examine our Christian lives as individuals as well as a congregation as a whole. The great call of Scripture is not only to preach the Gospel and follow Jesus’ example, but to live the Gospel and grow in it, whilst practicing what we preach, every day of our lives! Practice What We Preach

One of the best ways to sing with our spirit and understanding and make melody in our hearts, is to try and understand what the hymn writer is trying to share with us through their words.

In this sermon theme, you’ll discover the person and the history behind the hymn. Lord willing, when your done reading or listening to them, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the hymns and be able to praise God in song like you’ve never done before. Preaching Through The Hymns

The prophecies concerning Cyrus are remarkable, especially since God calls this pagan king, ‘His anointed’ and His shepherd.’ God has plans to use Cyrus to defeat all the enemies of Israel, Set His people free from captivity to start rebuilding Jerusalem and His temple.

What’s even more remarkable is that God proclaimed all this would happen 150 years before Cyrus was even born. Enjoy this small 3-part sermon series. The Coming Of Cyrus

There is no object in history, which demands a closer look and deeper understanding, than the cross. Nothing divides the opinion of men like the cross but the cross isn’t something we can stand before and remain neutral, we must make a decision on it.

On the cross, Jesus took everything our sins deserved, Jesus took upon Himself all the guilt and all the shame that our sin deserved. Not only that, by dying on the cross, He took two groups of people that had been opposed to each other and made them parts of Himself. The Cross Of Christ

The ‘church’ was always in the mind of God even before the creation of the world, it was never an afterthought. The Old Testament prophets spoke about God’s kingdom and said it would be established during the reign of the Roman Empire. Christ said He would build His kingdom, the church during His lifetime and it would come with power, all of which was established on the Day of Pentecost.

Thy kingdom come, Thy kingdom came and how are Christians supposed to live in this new kingdom called the church? Enjoy this 3-part sermon series to find the answer. The Church

parablesThe Parables of Jesus contain a lot of Jesus’ central teaching. They are mainly very simple, memorable stories, often with humble imagery but each with a main central message. The importance of the parables can hardly be overestimated. They comprise a substantial part of recorded preaching of Jesus.

Jesus’ parables are short stories that teach a moral and or spiritual lesson by analogy or similarity. They are often stories based on agricultural life that was intimately familiar to His original first century audience. Remember, try not to get bogged down with every little detail, because as the saying goes, ‘You won’t see the forest for the trees!’ There are 21 parables in this section which I’m sure you’ll learn something new. The Parables Of Jesus

In a world of uncertainties, many people will cling to any passage of Scripture to make sense of what’s happening in the world today. Time and time again people have failed in their claims that ‘they know’ when Jesus will come back, some even claim He’s already come back! Thousands of books have been sold, prophecies have been made, and they all tell us ‘they know’ something the rest of the Christian world doesn’t know! They tell us all the ‘signs’ are there!

Why not let the Bible inform us about what will happen when Jesus returns? In this 5-part sermon series, we’ll be doing exactly that. The Second Coming Of Christ

7-churchesIn the Book of Revelation Chapters 2+3, we find John’s letters or we should say Jesus’ letters to the seven churches in Asia Minor, which was written during the Roman Empire Period. Each one had their problems, each one had their strength and weaknesses but more importantly each one still speaks to us today.

In this short 8-part sermon series, you will no doubt stop from time to time to reflect upon your relationship with Jesus, and also reflect upon the congregation you are a part of at the moment. Remember, the Holy Spirit still speaks today! The Seven Churches Of Asia Minor

We all know that when comes to understanding pain, everyone has their own fair share of hurts in this life, some are afflicted upon us by others and there are times when our pain in self-afflicted. In this series of sermons we will look to see if it’s possible for those hurts to help us grow in our relationship and walk with God, we’ll try to understand why pain exists in our life and if you’re struggling with the pain of worry, loss, loneliness, or bitterness, I’m sure you find a blessing in these sermons. Understanding Pain


"Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship."

Romans 12:1