Back To Basics

Welcome To The Sermon Theme On Back to Basics

Back to Basics is a series of sermons which examines the church’s practices when we gather together for worship, they also explain why the church doesn’t practise and believe what many religious groups in the ‘Christian’ world believe and practice today. This is a series of 10 lessons which I know you’ll find very useful. Enjoy.

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1. The God Breathed Bible  
2. What A Fellowship!  
3. The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth!  
4. The Truth Hurts Sometimes  
5. Applause For The Preacher!  
6. Music Is Instrumental In Our Worship!  
7. Miracles For Sale!  
8. Miraculously, Tongue Tied And Twisted  
9. Who's Talking To Who?  
10. That’s Handy!