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Ah! The teenagers! They can’t live without their mobile phones, get distracted very easily and at times they just don’t seem interested! These Teenage Bible lessons are very practical, designed to keep their attention because they will be participating in the actual lessons themselves. Get them involved, use their mobile phones as part of the lesson and watch them grow with excitement as they learn about their amazing God.

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We all know that some of the habits we have in our lives are very good. For example brushing your teeth twice a day to have fresh breath. Having a shower or a bath twice a year to keep the fleas away. But there are also some habits, which are sinful and can be very destructive and dangerous. A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Many people have got a lot weird and wonderful ideas as to who Jesus is but ultimately the decision has to come from you.

In other words you have to make up your own mind as to who you think Jesus is. Jesus Is The Christ

Have you ever got a gift from someone but your brother or sister got something else that you wanted more? How did you feel?

My brother always got a bigger stocking at the end of his bed and because I was younger I got a smaller one and I was just jealous. Well in much the same way that’s how Josephs brothers felt. Joseph And His Brothers

Because things may look impossible for us, we just like Joshua have to trust God to do what only He can do, ‘the impossible.’ But as always if you’re going to do something which looks impossible, your going need encouragement and some advice about to go about doing the impossible. Mission Impossible!

One of the things which makes me happy being a Christian is the fact that I know that Jesus is my best friend because He accepts me just the way I am even with all my moods and strops. He’s my best friend because He won’t bring up all the bad things I have done in the past and throw them in my face. My Lord And My Space

We all need one another, it doesn’t matter if there are grumpy grandparents or the strict fathers, we need each other. It doesn’t matter if there are annoying brothers or sisters we need each other. It doesn’t matter if there are the jokers or the caring, loving mothers, we need each other. Our Relationship With Our Church Family

It takes courage to stand up and be counted in most situations. In this lesson we will be looking at how Christ stood up for us and we will be looking at the examples of David and Elijah.

Will you stand for God and allow Him to do battle on your behalf? When your friends start slagging off your faith, will you stand up and be counted and defend what you believe?

When you’re in school and they teach you that evolution is a fact, will you stand up and be counted and defend what the Bible teaches? Stand Up And Be Counted

Now I don’t know about you but I find storms can be a very frightening experience and as were about to read, just like the disciples we often find ourselves in the middle of one. Ok, it may not be storms where there is thunder and lightning, but the storms of trials and difficulties. Stepping Out Of The Boat

One thing Christianity does, it challenges us to flow up stream from everything our society tells us about freedom and submission. There is a reason why we say, “Given our lives to him”. Committing ourselves to Jesus is committing ourselves to the master’s plan to live the world his way. It’s God’s world and were determined to live in it, God’s way. Submission To The Lord

Ted was always in trouble. He tried His hardest to make good choices, but it was always easier to make bad decisions. When his mom said, ‘clean your room’, he’d play his video game. When his dad said, ‘rake the leaves’, he’d play in the sandbox. And I don’t know about you but I can relate to that, it’s always easier to do something you want to do isn’t it? The Armour Of God

When we go to the Book of Genesis, we find Adam and Eve playing the blame game with God. They were in paradise, blessed beyond their wildest dreams, a beautiful place to live, plenty of food and water and all these incredible animals all around them. Until Satan came along to help them ruin their lives. The Blame Game!

Now you can only begin to try and imagine what this was like for Bartimaeus. He couldn’t see anything but he probably heard the hustle and bustle from the crowd. And maybe he had a friend who was saying to Him, here is Jesus he’s getting closer. The Blind Man

In an army, everyone has to do what they’re told all the time. If you’re at war, and someone doesn’t do something, people can get hurt. The whole battle can be lost. The commanding officer doesn’t always have time to explain his reasons, and he can’t do everything himself, so the men under him have to trust him and obey their orders. The Centurion’s Servant

Now the amazing thing is that God put a mark on Cain to say to the rest of the world, “Even this evil man’s blood is my property, so don’t touch it.” But God also put the world on alert that God hears the cries of the Abel’s who have been treated unjustly and he will take up their cause. The Mark Of Allegiance!

One of the fundamental truths about God and communicating with people is that He has never done it under cover. He has always been open, displaying His existence through creation and displaying miracle, signs and wonders through chosen people. The Parable Of The Tenants

Have you ever wondered why God wants Christians to stay clear of people like psychics or astrologers, and fortune-tellers? The answer is quite simple loved ones; the Lord hates these people because they encourage people to place their confidence in someone or something other than God and His will for their lives. The Philippian Jailer

The first commandment is to love God, and the second is to love others. If you love God and love others, you will always do the right thing, no exceptions.

Make this your goal to love God first and put others before yourself. The Religious Leaders

Just like the offerings of the Old Testament, He is pleased. But it’s not with burnt offerings and sin offerings anymore, He is pleased if we offer our very lives to Him as living sacrifices. Because He tells us that when it comes to the spiritual act of worship, that’s what’s required of each and every one of us. The Sweet Aroma Of Worship!

Today we have many different kinds of languages in the world, at the last count there were 6,912 different languages used throughout the world. When I was at school we got taught French and German along with English but being Scottish I struggled with most of them. But have you ever wondered where all these different languages came from? The Tower Of Babel

The Father is waiting loved ones, with open arms filled with love, waiting for you to come to Him.

Oh I’m sure there will be some people that won’t be happy because you want to come back to the Father, just like the older brother. What A Mess!

Solomon is trying to do is to get his readers to think about everything related to life and death and ask that every question what is the point in our existence?

Imagine you guys going to school day after day without knowing why you are going there? What’s The Point?


"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

1 Peter 5:7