Preaching From The Psalms


The Psalms are a collection of inspired Hebrew poems, prayers and songs. They are words written by men to God or about God. And if we learn anything from them, we learn that they are expressions from man’s heart.

They teach us that God longs to hear from His people and they help us express ourselves to God. Below you will find a few sermons from the Psalms, which hopefully, will bring them to life as we try and understand the context in which they were written.

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Do We Really Have Fellowship With God. Psalm 15  
Being As Patient With God, As He Is Patient With Us. Psalm 27  
The Joy Of Being In The Presence Of God. Psalm 30  
I Will Bless The Lord At All Times. Psalm 34  
Stop Worrying And Start Trusting. Psalm 37  
Amidst The Lions. Psalm 57  
His Love Endures Forever. Psalm 136