Our Journey With God

Welcome To The Sermon Theme On Our Journey With God

Our journey with God is a 7-part sermon series which helps us look at life from God’s perspective. In it, we see a God who desperately wants to have a relationship with mankind. We see a God who displays a love as we’ve never experienced before but we also see a God who can’t turn His back on sin.

We begin by looking at why we were created and try to understand why a holy God would want to have a relationship with an unholy people. I guess the bigger question is, why would a holy God want to take us to heaven.

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1. Created By God For God  
2. The God Who Won't Accept Excuses!  
3. The God Who Pursues Sinners  
4. The God Who Came In The Flesh  
5. The God Who Showed Us The Way Back To Him  
6. The God Who Wants To Bless The World  
7. The God Who Wants To Take Us With Him