From Egypt To The Promised Land

Welcome To The Sermon Theme From Egypt To The Promised Land

The Exodus sermon series which tells of the Hebrew deliverance from Egyptian slavery towards the Promised Land is one of the most action-packed stories within the Scriptures. There is plague after plague, miracle after miracle, and it’s really exciting to read, although heartbreaking at times. These stories were to be told to their children and their children’s children as a reminder of who God is and what He did for His people.

It’s difficult to imagine how the Hebrews could so quickly forget who God was and what He did for them, but as you go through this series of 5 lessons, you’ll be taken on that journey with them and you’ll soon discover that even today, as Christians, we tend to suffer from spiritual amnesia at times!

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1. Miraculously Delivered By God  
2. Miraculously Led By God  
3. Miraculously Preserved By God  
4. Miraculously Secured By God  
5. Miraculously Maintained By God