The Second Coming Of Jesus

Welcome To The Sermon Theme On The Second Coming Of Jesus

In a world of uncertainties, many people will cling to any passage of Scripture to make sense of what’s happening in the world today. Time and time again people have failed in their claims that ‘they know’ when Jesus will come back, some even claim He’s already come back! Thousands of books have been sold, prophecies have been made, and they all tell us ‘they know’ something the rest of the Christian world doesn’t know! They tell us all the ‘signs’ are there!

Why not let the Bible inform us about what will happen when Jesus returns? In this 5-part sermon series, we’ll be doing exactly that.

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1. He Came, He Comes, And He’s Coming. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18  
2. Sign Language. Part 1. Matthew 24:1-35  
3. Sign Language. Part 2. Matthew 24-25  
4. Here Comes The Judge. Matthew 25  
5. When You Know The End Of The Story! 2 Peter 3:3-15