Welcome To The Sermon Theme On Family

Someone once said, ‘one of the reasons our society is breaking down so quickly is because our families are breaking down’. There may be some truth in those words, especially when you look at our world today. Divorce is at an all-time high, and more and more children end up in gangs and in prison.

In this 5-part sermon series, we will be looking at what a ‘godly family’ looks like and how it functions together. We’ll be trying to understand what it means for ‘wives to submit to their husbands’ and how ‘husbands are to love their wives’. We’ll also try and understand the importance of ‘children obeying their parents’ and the positive impact ‘godly parents’ can have on their children.

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1. A Godly Family  
2. Husbands, Love Your Wives  
3. Wives, Submit To Your Husbands  
4. Children, Obey Your Parents  
5. The Impact Of Godly Parents