Jesus Is The Same Yesterday And Today And Forever

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When it comes to change, many people simply don’t want to, many people try to resist, especially if they are used to certain habits, certain behaviours or certain lifestyles but the reality is that many things do change whether we like it or not, our bodies change as we get older, the world around us is changing all the time with new technologies and scientific discoveries and for many, an ever-changing world brings fear and uncertainty.

But isn’t it wonderful to know that even in an ever-changing world, our Lord and Saviour Jesus doesn’t change? The Hebrew writer reminds us that there is peace and reassurance in knowing that Jesus doesn’t change. In this small 3-part sermon series, taken from Hebrews 13:8, we’re exploring some of the ways in which ‘Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever’. Enjoy and be encouraged.

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1. Jesus Christ Is The Same YESTERDAY. John 1:1-3  
2. Jesus Christ Is The Same TODAY. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4  
3. Jesus Christ Is The Same FOREVER. Hebrews 4:14-16