The Book Of Acts

Welcome To The Book Of Acts Correspondence Course

This Free Bible correspondence course on the Book of Acts is a series of 10 short lessons written by Jim McGuiggan. This study helps us gain a good understanding of the early church.

1. Click On The  Icon Below

2. The lesson will open in PDF

3. Go through the lesson

4. Print the question sheet and fill in the answers

5. Scan your answers and send them as an attachment email. If you can’t print or scan, simply just write your answers directly on your email. Email

6. After each lesson has been marked, and all lessons have been completed, a ‘Certificate of Completion’ will be given.

Lesson 1 Getting Our Bearings  
Lesson 2 The Birth Of The Church  
Lesson 3 The Fire Spreads  
Lesson 4 A Diplomat And A Soldier  
Lesson 5 The Transformation Of Saul  
Lesson 6 The Spirit And Power Of Stephen  
Lesson 7 The Jerusalem Summit  
Lesson 8 Triumphs Of Grace  
Lesson 9 From Ephesus To Rome  
Lesson 10 Looking For The Big Picture  


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