The Plagues God Cast On The Egyptians


“The king became stubborn and refused to let the Israelites go. This happened just as the Lord had said through Moses.” Exodus 9:35

Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh to ask for permission for his people to leave. The Israelites had grown weary and did not trust Moses and Aaron.

Pharaoh refused even though they told him God had commanded. He wanted them to stay and build big cities for him, and even worked them harder.

They went the second time to Pharaoh, but he refused even though Moses threw his staff and it turned into a snake. Pharaoh called his wise men in and had them to turn their rods into snakes. Then Aaron cast his rod, and it swallowed up all the snakes.

Even then Pharaoh refused. They decided to show Pharaoh another sign, as Aaron held his rod over the water, it turned into blood. This left a terrible odour and no water, yet Pharaoh would not let the Hebrews leave.

They asked that Pharaoh let the Israelites go into the wilderness for three days to worship. This he refused. He imposed even harder work upon them, and had officers watching to see that they do this.

Again, the second time Moses and Aaron returned to Pharaoh, but he refused to let them go. Aaron stretched his rod, and the Lord sent frogs upon the land. Everywhere there were frogs.

Pharaoh became afraid and told Moses if he would remove the frogs he would let them go, but when the frogs were all burned, he changed his mind.

The Lord told Moses and Aaron to hit the ground with the rod, and as a result the dust became lice. Even though the people complained, Pharaoh still refused.

Next, great swarms of flies filled the houses and sky

This did not happen to the Israelites, who lived in Goshen. Finally, Pharaoh got afraid and told Moses if he would remove the flies, that his people could worship in Egypt. Moses told Pharaoh that it would make the Egyptians angry seeing his people worship.

So, Pharaoh said they could go and worship, but they must come back. In answer to Moses prayer, God removed the flies, but again Pharaoh broke his promise.

Other afflictions were sent upon the Egyptians, boils on every person, disease of their herds, flocks, and hail that ruined the crops of the fields.

There was a thick darkness three days and nights. Only God’s people in Goshen were saved from the plagues. Pharaoh told Moses he did not want to know anything else about the Hebrews, for him and his people to get out of Egypt or he would kill Moses.

God told Moses there would be one more plague so terrible that Pharaoh could never change his mind for it was time for the Israelites to leave Egypt.


1. How many plagues did God send on Pharaoh?

2. Name the plagues:

3. Why did Pharaoh not want the people to leave?

4. Did Pharaoh ever keep his promise to Moses?


1. 10 2. Blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, death of firstborn 3. He was stubborn 4. No

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