Joseph! The Dreamer


“Joseph was born when his father Israel, also called Jacob, was old. So Israel loved Joseph more than his other sons. He made Joseph a special robe with long sleeves.” Genesis 37:3

Jacob, whose new name was Israel, had twelve sons. Joseph he loved better than the others. He was the oldest son of Rachel, the wife he loved and chose. She died when her second boy, Benjamin, was born.

Jacob made Joseph a beautiful coat of many colours. When he wore it, everyone knew he was the favourite son of his rich father. Joseph’s brothers were older, and they disliked his paying so much attention to their brother. When Joseph wore the coat, they began to hate their brother, Joseph. They were more angry when they heard the dreams Joseph had.

One dream was Joseph and his brothers were binding sheaves of grain. Joseph’s sheaves stood upright, and those of the brothers bowed down to it.

Another dream he saw the sun, moon and eleven stars bow down to him. This made the brothers suspicious, and they asked if he was going to rule over theme Jacob wondered about these dreams.

One day Jacob called Joseph to him. He was seventeen years old, and Jacob asked him to go up to Shechem where his brothers were grazing cattle. He wanted to find out if there was grass at Shechem. Joseph made the long trip to Shechem, and he had trouble finding his brothers. When he found them, they spotted his coat.

One brother remarked that the dreamer was coming; another brother said we must get rid of him and see what becomes of his wonderful dreams. They said we can kill him and throw him in the pit, and they will think the wild animals got him.

They all agreed, but Reuben, the oldest, who loved Joseph. He pleaded that they just put him down in the pit and leave him. Reuben had intended to come back after him later.

The brothers took his beautiful coat and threw him in the pit. Joseph cried to them, but they had no pity for him. Just then a whole caravan came by traveling to Egypt with spices for sale. Judah said,

“Let us sell him to these Ishmaelite merchants and make some money.”

They divided the money, and Joseph thought he would never see his brothers again. Reuben was not with them when Joseph was sold, but when he came back to rescue Joseph, he was gone.

He turned to his brothers crying out, and asked how could they face their father. They killed a goat and dipped Joseph’s coat in its blood. When Jacob saw Joseph’s coat torn and bloody, he thought his son had been killed by some wild animals.

Jacob mourned for many days and could not be consoled. He said he would go to his grave broken hearted over his son, Joseph. The brothers turned away and never told him the truth.

God knew just where Joseph was. God sent Joseph his strange dreams, and now he was planning to use Joseph to make these dreams come true.


1. How many sons did Jacob have?

2. Did he have a favourite? Who?

3. Why did the-brothers hate Joseph?

4. Did Jacob send Joseph to look for his brothers?

5. What did they plan to do to Joseph?

6. Who wanted so save him?

7. What did they do with Joseph?

8. What did the brothers tell their father?


1. 12 2. Joseph 3. They were jealous 4. Yes 5. Kill him 6. Rueben 7. took his coat and threw him in a pit, then sold him 8. Joseph had been killed by a wild animal

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