Adam And Eve


“But you must not eat the fruit from the tree which gives the knowledge of good and evil, for if you ever eat fruit from that tree you will die.” Genesis 2:17

We go ahead for on the sixth day of creation, God made man from the dust of the earth. He made a man named Adam. He was different from other things that God had created because he was made in God’s own image. He was not powerful as God, but was higher than the animals and things God had created.

As he observed the animals, he noticed each had a mate of their own kind. To avoid Adam from being lonesome and alone, God saw he needed a helper. He caused Adam to fall asleep and took one of his ribs and made a woman to be with Adam. When Adam awoke, he was very happy to find this woman, whom he called Eve.

God in his wisdom made an especially beautiful garden for them to live in. There were two friendly animals of every sort. Also, birds of every sort He made. The earth was beautiful. Birds sang lovely songs from the tops of trees, and the plants grew. There were two special trees that stood in the middle of the garden, Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Adam had a job of taking care of the garden, and in return he and Eve were to live there. God gave them only one rule to follow. They were not to eat from the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Now, as far back as the days of Adam and Eve, who were so happy in the garden, the devil was working against God, and Satan tried to figure out a way that would make Adam and Eve do wrong.

One day he came to the garden disguised as a serpent and tried to persuade them to eat from the forbidden fruit. He asked if God told them not to eat of any certain tree in the garden.

Eve answered,

“We can eat of every tree except of the Tree of Knowledge and God told us not to touch its fruit or we would die.” Satan said, “Oh, you will not die, actually it will make you wise as God is and you will be able to understand things as He does.”

Eve believed what the serpent said and took some of the fruit of the tree and ate it, and gave some to Adam, and he ate, also. They immediately knew they had done wrong and began to try to hide from God.

Of course, they could not hide from God. No one can hide from Him. God was disappointed about their disobedience. He was so upset He sent them away from the Garden of Eden, and told them they would have to work very hard. They brought sin into the world, and God told them they would have trouble and sickness. Maybe one day they would die.

God punished Adam and Eve. He promised that one day He would save mankind. And He did this, for He sent His Son Jesus into the world to save the world.


1. How did God make Adam’s partner?

2. What was her name?

3. Tell about the Garden God placed them in.

4. What was this garden’s name?

5. Describe the Garden.

6. What trees were Adam and Eve not to eat from?

7. How did the devil fool Eve?

8. How did God punish Adam and Eve?


1. Adam’s rib 2. Eve 3. It was beautiful 4. Eden 5. It had animals and trees 6. Life and knowledge of good and evil 7. He disguised himself as a snake 8. He sent them away from the garden

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