Two Spies Favour And Ten Spies Disfavour Entering Canaan


“If the Lord is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land. He will give us that land where much food grows.” Numbers 14:8

After the tabernacle for worship was finished, the pillar of cloud disappeared and the Israelites know that the time had come, they must move from Mt. Sinai, and continue to Canaan.

They travelled several months, walking and camping at night, and they became close to the border of Canaan. People had lived there for many years, and had built big cities.

God told Moses to select men to go over into Canaan and to return and tell what it was like. A leader was chosen from each of the twelve tribes to go into Canaan. Moses told them to learn all about the people, the land, and the cities. They stayed forty days and returned.

They cut a cluster of grapes so large it had to be carried by two men. They brought special fruit back. When they returned, the people gathered together to hear the report. The report was that it was a good land like God had promised, but reported that the people who lived there were stronger than the Israelites, and the cities were protected.

Ten reported they could never take it. But Caleb and Joshua said,

“No, we can take it with the help of God.”

The report made the Israelites fear that they could not take the land, and cried why did we ever leave Egypt. They remarked that God had brought them into the wilderness to die. They wanted to go back to Egypt.

Joshua and Caleb tried every way to persuade the people to go on into this land. They became so angry they wanted to kill them. Just then the Lord shown from the tabernacle so every one could see Him. God was disappointed in the people. He wanted to leave them, but Moses prayed so hard that God changed His mind.

The ten spies were killed, and all the others over twenty years old would never get to the promised land of Canaan. They had to stay in the wilderness forty more years. Their children grew up, and the only adults then that got to enter were Joshua and Caleb.

Moses taught the children to love him and the great power of the Lord, and they never remembered the land of slavery. Some of the people tried to march on, but the Lord did not let them go. They were killed in battles and ‘had’ to stay-for forty years.


1. Why did the Israelites cross the border and go into Canaan?

2. How many spies were sent to Canaan?

3. What did most of the spies report?

4. Which two spies were not afraid?

5. Was God angry? Why?

6. Who persuaded God to again give them a chance?

7. What were the conditions God required?

8. Who reached the promised land?


1. To learn about the people, the land and the cities 2. 12 3. They said they couldn’t take the land 4. Caleb and Joshua 5. Yes, they didn’t trust God 6. Moses 7. They had to stay in the wilderness for 40 years 8. Children, Joshua and Caleb

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