Moses Became A Prince


“The man answered, ‘Who made you our ruler and judge? Are you going to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?” Exodus 2:14

Moses was reared as an Egyptian and as the grandson of Pharaoh. But, his mother was his nurse and taught him the Hebrew language and all about his people. She told him of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the twelve sons of Jacob, which included Joseph. He was taught of the true God, and that some day their God would lead them back to the promised land and they would be free.

The princess treated Moses just as any royal son would be treated. He lived in the palace and had splendid robes and special teachers. This was his life. But when he was old enough to leave the palace, he learned how his people were being punished by the Egyptians.

He visited the cities and fields where they were working under the whipping of Pharaoh’s officers. They were treated like animals.

One day he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew and became so angry he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand. The next day Moses saw two Hebrews fighting with each other, and he attempted to stop the fight. One of them asked him if he intended to kill him and bury him in the sand like he had done the day before.

Moses knew this news of the murder was out. Even the Israelites did not trust him, and he knew Pharaoh would have him put to death when he heard.

Moses immediately fled from Egypt to the East and hid in the wilderness of the land of the Medians. He knew the family in the palace would turn against him because he had killed one of the Egyptians.

So, now he had only one to turn to, the God his mother had taught him about and to worship when she was his nurse.


1. Who was Moses’ nurse?

2. What did she teach him?

3. What did the princess do for Moses?

4. What did he learn when he visited away from the palace?

5. Name his mistake.

6. Why did he run away and where did he go?


1. His real mother 2. The Hebrew language and all about his people 3. As one of the royals 4. His people were being punished 5. He killed an Egyptian 6. He knew murder was wrong so he ran to the wilderness of the Medians

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