Joseph Interprets Dream And Made Ruler


“So the king said to Joseph, ‘God has shown you all this. There is no one as wise and understanding as you are.” Genesis 41:39

After being sold by his brothers, they travelled to the land of Egypt. Joseph knew about this land. The people were different and spoke a different language. He found himself on a stand in the market place to be sold as a slave. Many stopped by to see him, but finally Potiphar, a Captain Guard and a friend of the Egyptians, bought him.

In his new home, he did the work of a slave, but Joseph never forgot the God his father had told him to serve and love. He did all his jobs well, and Potiphar began to give him more important jobs, and soon he became the manager of all of Potiphar’s business.

Potiphar’s wife was a wicked woman and tried to get Joseph to do something wrong, but he would not, for he knew Potiphar trusted him. Potiphar’s wife got angry and told Potiphar lies about Joseph. Potiphar got angry and had Joseph thrown in prison. This was God’s way to bring Joseph honour.

In prison, bound in chains, he made friends with all the other prisoners. Even the jail keeper learned to trust him and made him manager of all the other prisoners. Two new prisoners were thrown in jail, both were workers for the king, one a chief butler and one a chief baker.

One morning he saw them both looking sad. Each had a dream that worried them. Joseph asked them to tell him their dream, that perhaps his God would help him understand.

One had dreamed he had made wine from a vine that had three branches, and that he gave the wine to the Pharaoh in his cup. Joseph said this means in three days you will be released and placed back in the King’s service. This was the butler’s dream. Then the baker told his dream. In his dream there were baskets of food for Pharaoh. Joseph said that in three days you will be hanged and the birds will eat your flesh. The butler forgot about Joseph, and he remained in prison for two years.

Pharaoh, the King, began having dreams. He called in all his magicians and wise men to try to find out the meaning, but he got no help.

Then the butler remembered the young Israelite who had interpreted his dream when he was in prison. Immediately they sent for Joseph, but he was cleaned up and given new clothes. They brought him before Pharaoh. The King asked Joseph if he could interpret his dream. Joseph answered by saying the power is not in me, but God will give the answer to you through me.

Pharaoh knew nothing of God that Joseph worshipped, but he was desperate to learn of his dream. He had dreamed of seven fat cows and seven poor cows, and the lean cows ate up the fat ones. His other dream, seven full ears of corn were eaten up by seven poor empty ears. Pharaoh asked Joseph what this meant.

Joseph told him both dreams had the same meaning. He told Pharaoh that Egypt was to have seven years of plenty, more food than could have been eaten. But, then there would be nothing to eat during the seven years nothing was growing.

Pharaoh was so impressed with the answers, he made Joseph ruler over the storing of the food. The King gave Joseph one of his rings, a fine robe, and gold chain around his neck. He gave Joseph an Egyptian name and a bride.

Joseph had made progress, and God’s plan became more clear to him.


1. To whom did his brothers sell Joseph?

2. To whom was he sold as a slave?

3. Why did Potiphar put Joseph in prison?

4. Did he do his work well?

5. Tell of the butler’s and baker’s dreams.

6. What was Pharaoh’s dream?

7. Who told him the meaning of his dreams?

8. What did the King then do for Joseph?


1. Travellers 2. Potiphar 3. His wife told lies 4. Yes 5. Butler wine famine, baker food hanged 6. Seven years of plenty and seven years of nothing 7. Joseph 8. Made him ruler

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