The Book Of 2 Samuel


The Book of 2 Samuel is about King David and within it we read about the events of Israel while David was king. We read about many wars and how they secured the city of Jerusalem, which would become their capital. We read about David’s love for God and God’s love for him.

For the most part, David was a good king, but he did make some huge mistakes. He had sex with a married woman called Bathsheba and he ordered the death of Bathsheba’s husband.

We also read about how David’s own son, Absalom, fought against David and wanted to become king and we how time and time again how God saved David from all his enemies.



In the Jewish canon of Scriptures the Books of 1 and 2 Samuel are one book, this makes sense as 2 Samuel is basically a continuation of 1 Samuel.

The historical events from 1 Samuel 31 to the end of 2 Samuel are parallel with 1 Chronicles 10-29. Complete Study Of The Book Of 2 Samuel


When news concerning Saul and Johnathon’s death got back to David, David was deeply stressed over the report and mourned. An Amalekite, tells David that he killed Saul because Saul asked him too and then David orders that he be put to death. We also find David’s beautiful lament for Saul and Johnathon. 2 Samuel 1

Sometime after ordering the Amalekite to be put to death for killing Saul, David inquires of the Lord as to where to go, God tells him to go to Hebron, a town of Judah. It’s not long before a civil wars breaks out between the house of Saul and the house of David, a war which was going to last a very long time. 2 Samuel 2

This war which begun the pool of Gibeon, turned out to be a long war, the power struggle within the house of Israel had begun. This was the point where God was put on the back shelf as their King, and politics took over. This war is where Joab got his opportunity to vengefully kill Abner. 2 Samuel 3

When Ish-Bosheth got news about the death of Abner, he ‘lost courage’, that’s because he knew his time was up.

The sons of Rimmon, Baanah and Rekab murdered Mephibosheth and when David heard what they did, he them put to death. 2 Samuel 4

At Hebron David was anointed as king of Israel for the third time. He makes the decision to go from Hebron to Jerusalem and makes Jerusalem the capital city. The Philistines now see Israel as a threat and move in to to get rid of the threat, but David and his men totally wipe the floor with them. 2 Samuel 5

In the last chapter we saw all the men of Israel went to David and anointed him as king of Israel. This chapter begin by David gathering thirty thousand young able men to go and collect the Ark of God and take it to Jerusalem? Everyone rejoices when the Ark arrives in Jerusalem, except for Michal, David’s wife. 2 Samuel 6

Nathan receives word from God concerning David’s idea about building a temple and tells him to go and rebuke David for having such an idea. It was never a part of His plan. Nathan’s words are highly prophetic and speak about the coming Messiah, when God would set up establish His kingdom. 2 Samuel 7

If David wanted to remain king and further establish his kingship then he was going to have to defeat all of Israel’s enemies. David’s first threat was found in their old foes, the Philistines and his second was the Moabites. As a result of David’s conquests over all these armies, the nations around were becoming poorer whilst Israel was getting richer as a nation. 2 Samuel 8

After David had conquered the enemies of Israel and settled in as king over Israel, he appears to have learned that Mephibosheth, Johnathon’s son, is still alive. David remembered his covenant with Jonathan and looked for anyone who might be an heir of Jonathan through whom he could preserve Jonathan’s posterity. 2 Samuel 9

David’s intentions were honourable towards the Ammonites but the Ammonite commanders aren’t so sure, they think he’s spying out the land to take it over. As a result of this mistrust, and the way Hanun treated David’s messengers, a war broke out between the Ammonites, the Syrians and Israel. 2 Samuel 10

In this chapter we read about one of the one infamous events in the life of David, where he commits adultery with Bathsheba and orders the murder of her husband Uriah. From this chapter, right through to chapter 20, we begin to read about David’s dreadful reign as king of Israel and his punishment from God for his actions. 2 Samuel 11

In this chapter we read about how the prophet Nathan confronts David for his sinful concerning Bathsheba and her husband, Uriah.

We read about God’s condemnation of David’s actions and motives, whilst at the same time read about God’s love and mercy towards him. 2 Samuel 12


"Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies;'"

John 11:25