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Welcome To Daily Devotionals By Sola Adeosun

Sola functions as one of the elders of the Great Barr Church. He became a Christian at the age of 10 and has remained one for close to four decades. He is particularly passionate about leading songs and worship, supporting the weak and those in need; and attending study sessions. He hugely enjoys preaching, teaching and writing articles and devotionals.

Sola is married to Nike. They are blessed with two lovely children, David and Queenette who are also Christians and have undoubtedly been great sources of encouragement and delight in his walk with God.


The Holy Spirit clearly tells us through James’ letter that God cannot be tempted with evil and He does not tempt anyone.

Some people think that temptations come from God but the Holy Writ posits that this view is untrue. Does God Tempt Anyone, Part 1

If every good and every perfect gift comes from God, can it also be true that temptations come from Him? Certainly not!

Temptations do not come under good and perfect gifts! Again, James proves to us that God is not the source of temptations. Does God Tempt Anyone, Part 2

The hymn entitled ‘In Christ alone’ was produced by the partnership of Keith Getty and Stuart Townend as a contemporary worship song with a strong Irish melody. Christ remains our light, our strength and our all because it was at the cross where we first saw the light and the burden of our souls rolled away! In Christ Alone, Part 1

God made us His children through the death of Christ.

In giving us the blessing of adoption, God granted to us the full rights of children including the right to eternal inheritance, making us joint heirs with His Son. In Christ Alone, Part 2

A sad life is one without Christ. Jesus came to give us abundant life. An abundant life in Christ is certainly not a sad one.

In the beatitudes, our Lord pronounced blessedness (or happiness) on us when we do His glorious will. Joyful Life In Christ, Part 1

A joyful life in Christ is one that is characterised by ‘walking by the Spirit’.

It is disciplined enough not to gratify the desires of the flesh. It is one in which the fruit of the Spirit is made visible. Joyful Life In Christ, Part 2

Trials of life come in various forms, shapes and sizes and it is extremely difficult to be joyful when faced with various trials, but the outcome makes it inevitably important and hence, we should count it all joy because by the help the Spirit provides, we shall be victorious. Joy In Trial, Part 1

The word blessed is used to express the happy condition of the one who endures trials through trust in the Lord. By virtue of our steadfastness and perseverance, we can be joyful in Christ in spite of trials and we will stand firmly on the promises of Christ whatever life’s circumstances bring. Joy In Trial, Part 2

The current global pandemic described as Covid-19 can be perceived as a terrible storm in the life of everyone across the globe. With lock-down measures aimed at controlling the spread of the virus, it may be useful at these unprecedented times to consider a hymn. Shelter In The Time Of Storm

One would expect that at least one of the remaining eleven Apostles would be the first to visit the tomb where Jesus was buried, but that wasn’t the case. It was Mary Magdalene who displayed uncommon manly courage to visit the tomb early on the first day of the week. They Have Taken My Lord Away, Part 1

The Jews wanted the king of glory crucified. They asked Pilate to release a criminal, Barabbas, but to crucify the sinless and the righteous. He asked them what crime he committed to deserve crucifixion but rather than answer his question, they shouted more loudly, ‘crucify Him’. They Have Taken My Lord Away, Part 2

Is the Lord’s name being taken away from the home of God’s people today as we are becoming too busy to pray and praise the glorious name of our Lord? Let’s think on these things and restore the name of the Lord back to our homes and our entire lives. They Have Taken My Lord’s Name Away, Part 1

In an attempt to stop the apostles from preaching about the resurrection of Christ, Peter and John were called before the Sanhedrin after healing the crippled man at the beautiful gate, Peter emphasized that salvation is not found in any other name than the name of Jesus. They Have Taken My Lord’s Name Away, Part 2

In his second letter to Timothy, Paul specifically states the benefits that are embedded in the inspired words of God. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he explained that God’s words are useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. They Have Taken My Lord’s Words Away, Part 1

If God’s words are light, and the light is taken away, then what you have is darkness! God’s words have been taken away from secular institutions and the result? Shopping mall shootings, and several other vices. What a dark place the world is, without God’s words! They Have Taken My Lord’s Words Away, Part 2

In his speech to the elders at Ephesus before his departure from Miletus, Paul reminded them how he had not hesitated to proclaim the whole will of God to them. We need to constantly be alert, watchful, prayerfully avoiding every form of pride and reckless equality with Christ. They Have Taken My Lord’s Blood Away

The Holy Writ succinctly describes the position of our Lord in His church (which He promised to build). Christ’s position in His church implies the position of our Lord amongst His people whom He called out of darkness into His marvellous light. They Have Taken My Lord’s Position Away

The purpose of Peter’s second letter is threefold: to encourage Christian growth, to combat false teaching and to motivate believers to be watchful in preparation for the return of the Lord. God has equipped us by giving us everything we need for a godly life through His divine power. The Generosity Of God’s Divine Power

We have tasted and seen that the Lord is good! Indeed, the Lord is good all the time. Let’s remember that the Lord saved us from the wrath to come, by His glory and goodness and therefore we should in thankful obedience, never depart from Him and refrain from taking His goodness for granted. God’s Glory And Goodness

The health of our eyes is tremendously important that we tend to visit the Ophthalmologist / optician at the slightest discomfort or suspicion of eye problems.

Near-sightedness is the inability to see afar off. This is synonymous with short-sightedness. Do You Need Glasses?

Peter addressed his second letter to those who have received a faith as precious as that of the apostles through the righteousness of our God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. The first verse of Peter’s letter immediately tells us two important things about our faith. The Precious Faith We Received

To be successful in our relationship with God, we must be diligent in our endeavours to advance in grace and holiness.

We therefore need to do our very best in adding goodness to the precious faith which we have received through God’s righteousness. Adding Goodness To You Faith

The Berean Jews were commended to be of more noble character than those in Thessalonica because they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. The Bereans had a desire to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word. Adding Knowledge To Goodness

Self-control is defined as the ability to control oneself, especially one’s emotions and desires. An interesting dictionary definition of self-control expresses it as the quality that allows you to stop yourself from doing things you want to do but which might not be in your best interest. Adding Self-Control To Knowledge

The next quality in our list of additives is perseverance. This simply implies ‘refusal to give up’. It is very comforting to know that God is not unmindful of the things we go through nor of our perseverance in them. God never forsakes His people, no matter what. Adding Perseverance To Self-Control

According to Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary, godliness is the reverent awareness of God’s sovereignty over every aspect of life and the attendant determination to honour Him in all of one’s conduct. As Peter continues building up the Christian graces, his didn’t fail to recognise godliness. Adding Godliness To Perseverance

Mutual affection is used in some translations as brotherly kindness and it simply connotes a tender affection to all our fellow Christians. This suggests a selfless attitude that makes it easy for us to put the interest of our brothers and sisters ahead of our own interest. Adding Mutual Affection To Godliness

The last two qualities listed by Apostle Peter are mutual affection and love and they are closely connected. He started with faith as the foundation and ended the pyramid with love. A loveless Christian can never be effective in the journey to heaven. Adding Love To Mutual Affection

The spiritual additives listed Peter in his second letter which are also known as the Christian graces are not just to be possessed by Christians as sterling qualities but must be possessed in substantial quantities. We need to make efforts in living viable lives as we constantly grow in the knowledge of the Lord and in His grace. Spiritual Effectiveness And Productivity

Paul did not fail to call the attention of the Ephesians to our struggle against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. We should be mindful of these things and be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power, putting on the full armour of God. Keeping A Spiritual Balance

Paul’s first treatise to the Corinthians was concluded with an admonition that they should stand firm, allowing nothing to move them. He encouraged these Christians to always give themselves fully to the work of the Lord, because of the knowledge that their labour in the Lord is not in vain! Staying Focused On The Goal

Peter’s second letter warns us of false teachers who may arise from within. Peter exposed the strategies of the followers of Balaam by showing us that these false teachers will secretly introducing destructive heresies and these may pitiably culminate in their denial of the Sovereign Lord. Watch Out For Mad Balaam!

Peter concluded his discourse about the Christian qualities by reminding us that it’s a necessity to ensure our memory is refreshed even though we know these things and are firmly established in the truth. We must remember to watch out for false teachers and be ready for the return of Christ. Check Your Diary Always!

It is hugely helpful to keep company with God’s people as this motivates us to righteous living, good works and diligence in serving the Lord since it enhances our consistent focus on Christ, as we set our affection on things above. Ultimately, this brings unquantifiable happiness now and in the hereafter. True Happiness, Part 1

True happiness is embedded in meditating on God’s words regularly as it is a veritable way of seeking the Lord and it provides a sound basis for applying the principles of God’s words to one’s life thus helping one to walk and live in a manner that is pleasing to God. Let us therefore choose today to look constantly into the perfect law of liberty. True Happiness, Part 2

In the face of difficulties, we should trust that the Lord is our indefatigable refuge and that He gives peace that is second to none. He promised to give us rest. Let us be encouraged that the Lord never fails even when the world fails. He provides unfathomable comfort, rest and assurance. Under His Wings

Our spiritual walk with God begins at baptism when we surrender the control of ourselves to Christ, acknowledging His Lordship over our entire being.

Justice, mercy and faithfulness should be the guiding principles of our walk with God today and always. Walking With God

We certainly have not learnt Christ in walking with Him in our past ways! Our walk with Christ should be defined by His blessed example as the truth is in Him. Walking with Christ entails jettisoning our previous ungodly relationships and ensuring we walk with Him in newness of life. Not Walking In Our Past Ways

The pattern of this world is at variance with the glorious will of God. This is evident in the discourse of Christ with Nicodemus. We should walk in consonance with the tenets that characterise the glorious Kingdom of Christ, of which we are a part. Not Walking According To The Pattern Of This World

Our Lord Jesus Christ describes us as salt and light.

There is no compatibility between light and darkness, therefore, to walk in the light of God will imply to walk ‘not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. Not Walking According To The Flesh

Walking improperly simply implies behaving indecently! God’s people ought to be decent. We will be able to do this by ensuring that we put on the Lord Jesus, making no provision for the flesh, to fulfil its lusts. Let us resolve to behave decently (or walk properly) today, tomorrow and all the time. Not Walking Improperly

There are several instances in the gospel where Christ rebuked His disciples for their faithlessness. His assertions severally show that faith is one of the inevitable ingredients for our walk with God. In a segment of his sermon on the mount, Christ encourages us to avoid anxiety about food, drink, clothing and other matters of this life. Not Walking Without Faith

Before we came to know Christ, we were foreigners to the covenants of promise. We were without Christ and indeed, without hope. This is true of life without Christ and this was stated in Paul’s letter to those in Ephesus whilst discussing how we were made alive in Christ. Not Walking Without Hope

The love we have for people should not only propel us to take the gospel to them, but also to demonstrate what it means to be Christians.

The people of the world will know that we are Christians by our love! Not Walking Without Love

The gospel records about the childhood of Jesus state that He grew in wisdom and in stature. Solomon understood the importance of wisdom so well that he considered it to be the one and only thing to request from God. Wisdom is so important that James advises whoever lacks it, to ask God. Not Walking As Unwise

How can we walk with God without His fear? This is absolutely inconceivable.

In the days of Nehemiah, the nobles and the officials were involved in extortion. They were impoverishing the poor. Not Walking Without Godly Fear

The Holy Spirit does not condemn being rich, but frowns at us allowing riches to make us arrogant, or trust in uncertain riches. We need to understand that riches, just like any earthly treasure is fleeting. Also it is only the humble that finds favour in God who is the source of all good things. The Vanity Of Riches

Let’s be reminded that the inspired word of God is beneficial in a number of ways including teaching, correction and training in righteousness.

It truly equips the men and women of God for every good work. What Is the Source Of Your Counsel?

As there are times when we ought not to talk, there are also times when we ought not to keep silent.

Wisdom and guidance from God’s word will help us discern when to be silent and when not to be. When Not To Be Silent, Part 1

As Christians, we have the charge to preach the gospel.

There are opportunities that regularly present themselves as we interact with our non-Christian families, neighbours, friends, work colleagues and others. When Not To Be Silent, Part 2

Do we allow people to put us on unnecessary pedestals? Preachers and teachers of God’s word sometimes are prone to fall into this trap when people start putting them in the place of Christ because of their eloquence or knowledge of God’s word. This is terribly dangerous! When Not To Be Silent, Part 3

When our loved ones go astray, we should not look the other way but lovingly reel them back to the Master in the spirit of gentleness so that we ourselves are not tempted. Most importantly, our ways of life should constantly preach the gospel to all those around us. When Not To Be Silent, Part 4

Some of us love to talk frequently but sometimes it is undoubtedly golden to be silent. In the words of Plutarch, ‘Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.’ How often do we listen to Jesus? Do we pick and choose when to listen to God’s Son? When Not To Talk, Part 1

During the events of the transfiguration, one would reasonably expect that Peter would be silent just like John and James and would possibly try to make sense of the unfolding events. Let us imbibe listening skills as they are important for us as God’s people. When Not To Talk, Part 2

We should not allow ourselves to be distracted from doing God’s will. Let us be encouraged to become effective in listening to God, not to be distracted by the cares of this life. The time to listen to God is the time to disallow distractions from talking through our attention to other activities. When Not To Talk, Part 3

There are certain moments when it is completely inappropriate to talk.

This fact is hugely suggested by the German hymn written by Katherine Von Schlegel and translated into English by Jane Borthwick: ‘Be still my soul: the Lord is on your side’. When Not To Talk, Part 4

Clearly, it is important to be able to stand one’s ground, and then, to stand, but the pertinent questions are: Where and how do we stand? Christ stands for righteousness, therefore failure to align with Christ means standing with sinners or standing for unrighteousness. Where And How Do You Stand? Part 1

When Thomas asked the Lord how the disciples could know the way. He simply replied: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life…!’ If Christ is the way, then, we need to stand with Him, we need to stand in Him and we need to stand for Him. We will never be misguided as long as we remain in Him. Where And How Do You Stand, Part 2

Luke tells us that Jesus went with his parents to Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover when he was twelve years of age, but unknown to them, he stayed back in Jerusalem. They anxiously searched for Him, but after three days our Lord Jesus was found by His parents sitting in the midst of teachers. Where Is Your Seat?

Earthly (or terrestrial) wisdom is one that conceives evil.

It is associated with every vice including bitterness, envy, selfish ambition, disorderliness and everything that can be described as the works of the flesh. The Wisdom From Above, Part 1

The letter of James helps us to understand that our lives as God’s people should be enriched with wisdom that is divine. He attributes purity, peace-lovingness, consideration, submissiveness, mercies, impartiality and sincerity to the wisdom that originates from God. The Wisdom From Above, Part 2

James understood that godly wisdom is required in dealing with trials and temptations and also that the outcome of enduring trials is steadfastness which fosters perfection, completeness and adequacy (lacking in nothing). Do You Need Some Wisdom Top-Up?


"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."

1 Peter 5:7