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These Bible studies have been put together with the help and guidance of many godly teachers, who have permitted me to use their material. A huge thanks to all the British Bible School tutors for teaching me, and helping me grow in my knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. A special thanks to Frank Worgan for allowing me to use and adapt some of his material.

Mike is married to Funmi, who is a major source of encouragement in his ministry. He is a graduate of the British Bible School and has many years experience working with different congregations, along with preaching and teaching the Word of God to adults and children.

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The Godhead

God, The Father

God is the self-existent One, having no need of being created, since He has existed forever and is the cause of all things, including the dimension of time, to which He is not subject.

In this page we will be answering the questions, is there a God? Why is He called the great ‘I Am’? We also will be answering the questions, in what way is God our Father? In what way is He a jealous God? What’s His eternal purpose? What is the sovereignty, justice and wrath of God? Did God deal with the Canaanites and the Amalekites too harshly? The salvation of the Gentiles! And much more. God

God, The Son

Jesus was born in Israel 2000 years ago. For his first thirty years, Jesus lived a traditional Jewish life, working as a carpenter. Over a three-year period, Jesus’ reputation spread nationwide. The story of Jesus is the story of the life of the greatest man who ever lived, His life is still changing people’s lives to this day.

In this page we will be answering the questions, is Jesus, The Christ of prophecy? Was He really God in the flesh? Was His birth miraculous? Why was He baptised? We will also be looking at His ministry, His life, and His teachings. His trials, His crucifixion, His burial, His resurrection and His promise to come again. And much more. Jesus, The Christ

God, The Spirit

If there’s ever a Person who exists that is most misunderstood, neglected and under-appreciated, it has to be the Holy Spirit.

In this page we will be answering questions like, what is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? What does it mean to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Can we lose the Holy Spirit? What is the ‘gift’ of the Holy Spirit and the miraculous spiritual gifts? What does the phrase ‘Spirit of adoption mean? How are we sealed by the Spirit? What is Holy Spirit baptism? What is the laying on of hands all about? What was the purpose and duration of miracles and the gifts? Do angels speak in tongues? Does the Holy Spirit still speak to us today? And much more. The Holy Spirit

The Scriptures

Knowing how the Bible came together will certainly help us have more confidence in the Scriptures we read. The rational support for the assumed existence of God and the rational support for one’s faith is good.

In this page we will be looking at how we got our Bible, its cannon and inspiration, textual transmission, the poets and prophets, the letters, the two covenants, fulfilled Bible prophecy, the historical accuracy of the Bible and how to study the Bible and we will be answering the questions, is the Bible our only religious authority? Does the Bible mention the Book of Mormon? And much more. The Scriptures

Old Testament

Creation And Evolution

If there’s ever a highly debated subject in the world, it has to be the topic of creation and evolution. There are many ideas and theories out there, and so, in this page we will be answering the questions, what actually happened in the beginning? We will look at the creation days and solve the dinosaur problem, as well as looking at the creation of man and asking what are the spirit, body and soul? why did God create us if He knew we would sin? And of course, we’ll look at the theory of evolution. Creation And Evolution

The Mark Of Cain!

From the way in which Genesis 4:15 reads in some popular translations, it’s not surprising that Bible readers are led to hold the view that God placed on Cain a physical mark which was intended to be a sign to any who might want to harm him, that he was under the protection of God. What does it really mean? The Mark Of Cain

The ‘Sons Of God’ In Genesis 6

In Genesis 6 we find the phrase, the ‘sons of God married the daughters of men’, but who were these ‘sons of God’? If you read through Genesis 4-5, you’ll clearly see who the ‘sons of God,’ are and one thing we can say with certainly, is that they weren’t ‘fallen angels’ as some suggest. Who Are The ‘Sons Of God’ In Genesis 6?

The Tower Of Babel

In Genesis 11 we see the beginnings of that world empire which became reality under Nebuchadnezzar a long time later. They were ignoring the plan and command of God and forming an ambitious plan for human confederacy which left God outside. They hadn’t learned to trust and serve God, even after the lesson from the flood itself. The Tower Of Babel

Life After The Flood

We all know that nobody is going to stay in a graveyard if they are sufficiently motivated. Nobody wants to be stuck in a cemetery, but everyone is. You see, Noah and his family, when they left the ark, did not step into paradise regained. They stepped into what I call, ‘A grave new world’. Life Straight After The Flood

In Genesis 22 we read about one of the most significant events in the life of Abraham, the sacrifice of his only son Isaac. We read about real faith in action, not only with Abraham but with Isaac himself. Faith isn’t simply about hearing God’s commands, but it involves obeying those commands.

This whole event was pointing towards what God would eventually do with His own Son, Jesus. The Sacrifice Of Isaac

Jacob took a stone, using it as a pillow and fell asleep and whilst sleeping he dreamt of a stairway resting on the earth but reaching heaven.

The stairway was symbolising a connection between heaven and earth. Jacob’s Stairway To Heaven

This is surely one of the most amazing and yet very complex text within the Scriptures.

This is Jacob’s last night on his own on this side of the place and as we’ll notice, he wrestled with a man until daybreak. But who is this man? Did Jacob Wrestle With An Angel Or God?

Holy Ground

The burning bush caught Moses’ attention. This was no ordinary occurrence, ‘strange sight’. This was a divinely created aberration, not just a case of spontaneous combustion, or light shining through the branches. It was designed to grab Moses’ attention, so God could speak, as all miracles were not an end in themselves, but pointed to the word. Holy Ground

From Egypt To Sinai

Israel’s journey from Egypt to Sinai is one full of adventure but also full of heartache for God as His people continue to disobey Him. We learn a lot about God but even more about man’s sinful nature. Lord willing we can learn from their mistakes and learn to trust God more on a daily basis. From Egypt To Sinai

The Ten Commandments

The ten commands are the basis for the Hebrew law, the first four are focused on their relationship towards God and the next six are focused on their relationship with each other and other people. God is going give these laws because He wants them to love Him because of what He’s done for them up to this point in time. The Ten Commandments

The Sabbath

Some religious groups today, maintain that the 4th commandment found in Exodus 20:8, ‘Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy,’ is binding on Christians today. But by simply showing that this command, along with the rest of the old law, has been abolished proves this view to be wrong.

In this study we will be looking at how Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and we will be answering the questions, what exactly was purpose of the Sabbath Day and are we commanded to worship God on the Sabbath? What are ‘High Day’ Sabbaths? The Sabbath

The Ark Of The Covenant

The picture shows a model of the Ark, where the lid has been removed so you can see the contents that fit inside the Ark: 1. The two stone tablets of the Law. 2. Aaron’s rod that budded. 3. The golden pot of ‘hidden’ manna. Together these three items form the Testimony, Exodus 25:21 ‘Place the cover on top of the ark and put in the ark the tablets of the covenant law that I will give you.’ hence the Ark is called the Ark of the Testimony. The Ark Of The Covenant

The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle is a picture, a foreshadow of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Book of Exodus, when God dictates to Moses the detailed design of the Tabernacle (some 1450 years before the birth of Jesus), He speaks forth a description of just who and what the coming Messiah (the Christ) would be. In the four gospels, particularly in John’s account, Jesus shows Himself to be the reality of every item in the Tabernacle. The real Tabernacle of God with men is therefore the Lord Jesus Christ. The Tabernacle

The Urim And Thummim

The Urim and Thummim were used at critical moments in the history of God’s people when special divine guidance was needed. The civil leader was expected to make use of this means for all important matters for which he needed direction. There is no convincing evidence that the Urim and Thummim were used after the time of David. What Were The Urim and Thummim?


The most glorious part of the history of Israel was the United Kingdom, so called to distinguish it from the Divided Kingdom which followed. The death of Solomon ended the greatest period in the history of Israel, the United Kingdom. This was followed by the Divided Kingdom which lasted 388 years.

As we move forward to the New Testament we see the greatest kingdom of all being established, the kingdom of God. Kingdoms

The Promised Land Fulfilment

Most people are in agreement that all the promises given to Abraham have been fulfilled.

However, there are a few people who believe that the ‘land’ promise hasn’t been fulfilled yet! Has God’s ‘Land’ Promise To Abraham Been Fulfilled?

Elisha And The Forty-Two Boys

Hidden in the Old Testament is a story which many believe is very disturbing, a story, which on the surface seems a little ‘unjust’ for those involved and for some a little ‘over the top,’ in terms of their punishment. Elisha And The Forty-Two Boys

Captivity And Return

“By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion!” Psalm 137:1. Technically, the Exile period deals with the history of Israel during the 70 years of captivity in Babylon, while the Restoration period describes the dealings of God with Israel after the 70 year captivity. Israel’s Captivity And Return

By The Rivers Of Babylon

The Babylonian captivity of Judah is to be understood primarily by an examination of the political movements of the 3 superpowers, Assyria, Babylonia and Egypt in the last half of the 7th century. At this time the Deuteronomic reform of Josiah occurred. Josiah’s grandfather, Manasseh was a vassal of mighty Assyrian kings Esarhaddon and Assurbanipal. The cultic reform was a part of a greater movement in Judah to emancipate the state from Assyrian influence. By The Rivers Of Babylon

Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was that of a great and awesome image. Its head was of fine gold, its breast and arms were of silver, its belly and sides of brass and its legs of iron with feet part iron and part clay.

A stone ‘cut out without hands’ struck this image on its feet destroying it so thoroughly that its fragments were like the chaff of a summer threshing floor with the wind carrying the pieces away. Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

The Fiery Furnace

We must admire the faith and courage of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Their answer was blunt and to the point. Regardless of God’s actions on their part whether he would choose to rescue them or permit them to die they would not serve any of the gods of Babylon nor worship the gold image. The Fiery Furnace

The Writing On The Wall

When this fingers appear in from of Belshazzar and began to write upon the wall, it’s understandable that he would be freaking out. He goes to his knees and they begin shaking and knocking against each other. He’s suddenly terrified and under great fear as he sees the writing on the wall. The Writing On The Wall

The Lion’s Den

The story of Daniel in the lion’s den is one of the most famous stories in the Bible. However, what isn’t that well known is the reason as to why Daniel was thrown in the den in the first place and what happened afterwards. Daniel In The Lion’s Den

The Abomination That Causes Desolation

The abomination of desolation is a phrase out of the Book of Daniel that refers to a sacrilege that would be so detestable that it would cause the temple to be abandoned by the people of God. The Abomination That Causes Desolation!

‘A Time, Times And Half A Time’

The phrase, ‘a time, times and half a time’ represent a period of opposition and persecution, but which lasts for only a limited time, because God has determined both the final deliverance and victory of His people and the destruction of the evil one responsible for their oppression. What Is The Meaning Of ‘A Time, Times And Half A Time’?

David ‘Fulfils’ God’s Will!

Paul declares that David was described by God, as ‘a man after my own heart, who shall fulfil all My will’, and yet, according to the historical books of the Old Testament, it’s clear he had many ‘wives and concubines.’ How Could David ‘Fulfil God’s Will’, If He Had Many Wives?

Psalm 23

Written by David the 23rd Psalm has been called the ‘Pearl of the Psalms.’ It probably is one of the most quoted Scripture in the Bible.  Many believe he wrote it later years recalling his days as a shepherd. As a boy, he would have been given the responsibility of looking after the family sheep, a job no one else wanted. The Pearl Of The Psalms

The ‘gods’ Of Psalm 82

The Old Testament passage, in the Hebrew text, reads, ‘I Myself said you are gods,’ and it is important to notice that the pronoun, is emphatic. The stress should be placed on the ‘I Myself’, because the speaker is God and He is addressing those whom He calls the ‘elohim’. Who Are The ‘gods’ Mentioned In Psalm 82:6?

The Redeemer

When Isaiah issued his prophecy, everyone in Judea recognized that ‘servant of Yahweh’ was one of the titles of the Messiah who was to come. But, then, faced with this passage, which declares that the servant of Yahweh would suffer and even be put to death; that was too much for them! The Redeemer Revealed!

Ezekiel’s Vision

Ezekiel saw visions of the glory of the Lord God of Israel and his ministry never lost the impress of it. Such is the importance for Ezekiel’s life and ministry of Ezekiel 1 of the book of Ezekiel. The vision in Ezekiel 1 is referred to again in Ezekiel 10 and Ezekiel 11. In this inaugural vision the prophet is seeking to picture something which far surpasses the power of any human language to express. Ezekiel’s Vision

Jonah And The Fish

There are many people who believe that Jonah actually died in the stomach of the fish and many people who believe that he didn’t, the truth is we simply don’t know, despite there being many arguments for and against. Did Jonah Die In The Fish?

Between Testaments

The Sanhedrin

The Sanhedrin was the highest Jewish court during the period of the Greek and Roman occupation of Palestine. English versions translate the word ‘Sanhedrin’ as ‘council.’ We’re not certain of the origin of the Sanhedrin, as there is no historical evidence for its existence before the Greek period. It first appears during the reign of the Hellenistic kings who tried to impose Greek culture on the Jews. The Sanhedrin was made up of Pharisees and Sadducees. The Sanhedrin

The Synagogue

We have to remember that nothing that was done in the Synagogue could be condemned as a violation of the Law of God. Since the Law commanded worship, benevolence and obedience to God’s Word, it could be argued that the Synagogue encouraged and assisted the Jews to understand and obey the Law. The Synagogue

The New Testament


When it comes to the subject of baptism, there seems to be a great deal of confusion in the ‘religious’ world as to what baptism is and means.

In this page we will be answering the questions, why was Christ baptised? What is the baptism of fire? What is baptism for the dead? What is baptism of the Holy Spirit? What is water baptism and is it necessary for salvation? What does the phrase ‘Born Again’ actually mean? We will also be answering the questions, is baptism a work? What was John’s Baptism? Is sprinkling a Biblical ‘Mode’ of baptism? And much more. Baptism


Woman was specifically designed and created for the purpose of being a subordinate, though certainly not inferior, assistant. God could have created the woman first but He didn’t, He could have created both male and female simultaneously but He didn’t. His action was intended to convey His will with regard to gender as it relates to the interrelationship of man and woman. How Are Women Saved Through Childbearing?


When it comes to the subject of ‘church’, there is a huge variation in the world as to exactly what the ‘church’ is and all about.

In this page we will be answering the questions, what is the church? How does salvation and the church go hand in hand? Can Christians lose their salvation? Why do people leave the church? How is the church organised and what are the roles of elders and deacons? Can the church have women pastors and deaconesses? Who is the evangelist and how does the church practice evangelism? We will also be answering the questions, what are our Christian responsibilities and does membership really matter? And much more. Church

Dispute Over Moses’ Body

Can you imagine a more unlikely trio than those brought together in this verse? Here we have mention of the archangel Michael, the Devil and Moses, the greatest leader in Israel’s history. What is more, we learn from Jude that the occasion was a confrontation between Michael and the devil concerning the body of Moses. The Dispute Over Moses’ Body!


It is true that, in New Testament times, in Greek society the word ‘eleutheros’ primarily meant, ‘freedom from restraint or obligation’ and this is how many use it even today. ‘It is my life! I can choose for myself’, says the drug, alcohol addict! ‘It is my body! I can decide to have an abortion!’ No-one has the degree of freedom that is implied in such statements, as John Donne said a long time ago, ‘No man is an island. Everyone is part of the Main’. Freedom!

God’s Handiwork

Think about what being God’s handiwork means! Allow those words to sink into your heart and mind! Imagine, the God who created the heavens and the earth and everything within them, also created you! What Does The Phrase ‘God’s Handiwork’ Mean In Ephesians 2.10?

Heavenly Things!

The 9th chapter of the letter to the Hebrews refers to the Tabernacle and the animal sacrifices which were offered according to the Mosaic Law.

It is worth noting that all the illustrations used by the writer of this letter, as he deals with the subject of Worship, are based on the Tabernacle system and not on the Temple. What Are The ‘Heavenly Things’ In Hebrews 9:23?

Obeying The Government

Whenever we seek to understand a letter, any letter, we should ask who wrote it, to whom he is writing, and why he is writing. If we fail to do this we are likely to forget that some letters are general letters, that contain advice, or messages, for all the churches, or groups of churches in whole regions, the letter to the Galatians is one of these, whilst others are written individual churches and deal with specific situations. Obeying The Government

Paul’s Journeys

Probably no individual, except the Son of God Himself, has more influenced the cause of Christ than the Apostle Paul. It was he who firmly planted the church among the Gentiles. It was he who wrote half the books of the New Testament. And it is he who is the predominant figure in chapters 8 to 28 of Acts. These journeys were filled with highs and lows. Paul’s Journeys

Service And Rewards

Many erroneous doctrines have been born because someone has taken a text or a passage ‘out of context’, with the result that the Scriptures have been miss-applied and used to support theories they were never meant to support. Service And Rewards!

The ‘Day’ In Hebrews 10:25

There are three popular ideas and theories concerning what ‘Day’, the writer has in mind in Hebrews 10:25.

In this study, we’ll look at all three, the Judgment Day theory, the destruction of Jerusalem theory and finally the Lord’s Day theory. What Is The ‘Day’ Mentioned In Hebrews 10:25?

The End Of The World

Some people are obsessed with anything to do with ‘the end of the world’, some look for modern day ‘signs’, others think that ‘Armageddon’ is coming soon, and still others look for anything which they believe ‘proves we’re now living in the ‘last days’!

In this page we will be answering the questions, what is Armageddon all about? What does the new heavens and a new earth refer too? Are there signs of the times? Does the Bible speak about ‘global warming’? What are the ‘last days’? Will the Earth remain forever? And much more. The End Of The World

The Resurrection

Only Christianity, in the Gospel, clearly and positively, offers to mankind the assurance that a life beyond this life, is possible, because of the coming of Jesus Christ. The Doctrine Of The Resurrection

The ‘Treasure’ Of 2 Corinthians

Paul is affirming the divine inspiration of the men whom He has called to be His Special Servants, the Apostles and the ‘call’ brings both authority and accountability beyond that which was borne by the members of the congregation. What Is The ‘Treasure’ Of 2 Corinthians 4:1-17?

Timothy Circumcised But Not Titus

Sometimes in the Scriptures we come across an event which appears, on the surface, to be confusing, misleading or contrary to other Scriptures. Paul took his young friend Timothy and had him circumcised, but why would Paul have him circumcised?

On another occasion, Paul refused to let Titus be circumcised, was he being hypocritical in his dealing with Timothy and Titus? Why Did Paul Have Timothy Circumcised But Not Titus?

Both Testaments


The existence of angels and their function has always been a widely disputed subject within the religious and non-religious world. Can it be that because in a world as sophisticated as ours, angels just don’t fit in!

In this page we will be looking at seraphim, cherubim and the four living creatures, Michael, Gabriel and how Satan was a fallen angel and answering the questions, do angels exist? Who are guardian angels? In what way will Christians judge angels? And that age-old question, was Jesus the Archangel Michael? Angels


Blood is the red fluid circulating in the body that takes nourishment to the body parts and carries away waste. The word ‘blood’ is often used literally in Scripture. Sometimes the word refers to the blood of animals, at other times it refers to human blood. The word is also used figuratively in the Bible. Blood


We first come across God’s covenant concerning circumcision in the Book of Genesis, a covenant is basically an agreement between two parties.

In Genesis, we read of an agreement between God and Abraham which consisted of God promising Abraham and his descendants would inherit the Promised Land, that is Canaan, as long as Abraham and his descendants fully obeyed the Lord and remained faithful to Him all the days of their lives. Do people need to be circumcised today? The answer may surprise you! Circumcision


Death is a topic which most people don’t like to discuss, or try to avoid as much as possible, but then there are others who do have many questions concerning the subject.

In this page we will be answering the questions, what is heaven, do animals go there? What is hell and its purpose? What is eternal punishment and reward all about? Will Christians be judged on Judgment Day? We will also be answering the questions, what happens when we die? Is death really the end and should Christians fear death? What can we learn from the rich man and Lazarus? What will our bodies be like in heaven? Who are the 144,000? Do animals go to heaven? What is reincarnation and karma? And much more. Death

Demons And Evil Spirits

People love the mysterious and often go to the Bible to back up their claims, more often than not they usually go to the Scriptures which are vague and make them mean something they were never meant to mean and some even try to make them applicable today.

In this page we will be answering the questions, does demon possession still happen today? Do mediums, fortune-tellers and psychics really have the power they claim they have? What about Saul and the ‘evil spirit’ and Saul and the witch of Endor? And then we have the old age question, who is Satan? And much more. Demons And Evil Spirits


The Bible teaches that the object of faith, who or what is believed in, is God and His Son Jesus Christ. There are many persons, places and things that we could put our faith in during our lifetime, but we must prioritise our life, and put our faith in God and Jesus Christ above all else. What does real faith look like? What does dead faith look like? Is faith a gift from God? And much more. Faith


Most of the fasting was undertaken voluntarily and was not undertaken at the command of God but devout Jews undertook fasting for at least two reasons. Not for health reasons, but, 1. Because they believed it was a way of attracting the attention of God. If they fasted, they thought that God noticed them. And, 2. Because they thought that, if they fasted, He would be prepared do something about the situation that had caused them to fast. Fasting

Overcoming Temptation

When it comes to the subject of temptation, it’s a subject that every Christian is very familiar with and most of us, if we’re honest with ourselves, will admit we all struggle with them. We all have them and they come in various forms and each one is tailored made for each individual. Overcoming Temptation

People Of The Bible

There are many great characters within the Bible, some are very encouraging and others not so. But there are lessons we can learn from each of their lives, there are life lessons we can learn and examples to follow and not follow. The Bible tells it as it is, it never hides people’s successes and failures, and what we learn ultimately it that they were human just as we are. People Of The Bible


In prayer, we show our total dependence on God who created all things and us and by whom all things continue to exist. In prayer, we give praise, honour, glory and reverence to His name for His greatness and goodness. We recognise Him as the source of all blessings.

In this page we will be looking at prayer in general, the Lord’s prayer, Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and answering the questions, what was the prayer of Jabez all about? Is the ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ Biblical? And much more. Prayer


The foundation of Premillennialism teaching is, simply this, the Jews will return to Palestine.

So, let’s go ahead and see what the Scriptures actually teach. Premillennialism


In the Bible, there are many themes, holiness is the main theme that flows through the entire Bible. Sin is also a major theme which runs through the Bible along with the themes of righteousness, the mercy of God, faith etc. In the Same way, the theme of redemption is one of the major themes in the Bible. Redemption

‘Religious Holidays’ And Jewish Festivals

The Jews participated in many festivals in which they celebrated a variety of different things, in order to remember specific events which happened throughout their history, all of which were commanded by God.

To some in Christendom the most important Christian holiday is Easter, a spring holiday that celebrates Christ’s resurrection from the dead. To others in Christendom the most important Christian holiday is Christmas, which they believe commemorates the birth of Jesus on December 25th. It’s amazing how church buildings all of a sudden fill up with people only when these two dates come along! Religious Holidays And Jewish Festivals


Relationships are a beautiful gift from God, but all too often people jump right into a relationship without thinking about what they are doing, this can lead to devastating consequences. There’s also the beautiful gift from God which we call ‘singleness’, this is where a person decides to stay single all of their lives.

In this page we will be looking at marriage in general, sharing some practical guidelines for those who are single and those who are looking to enter a relationship and answering the questions, can broke marriage relationships be mended? Can a Christian marry an unbeliever? Relationships

Sin And Punishment

We all know that sin is a huge problem, it always has been and always will be until Christ returns and there’s no denying there are consequences to pay, if not in this life, certainly in the next.

In this page we will be looking at where it all went wrong, and the consequences, God’s cure for sin and how to overcome sin and, how unintentional sins are dealt with and answering the questions, why is there pain and suffering in the world? What is the wrath of God? What is the purpose of Hell and eternal punishment? Does God send people to Hell? And much more. And much more. Sin And Punishment


Over the years I’ve heard a lot of superstitions which many people take seriously, sadly some Christians do too, although some without releasing it. I’ve heard Christians speaking about ‘touching wood’ when they want something ‘good’ to happen. Superstition

The Eating Of Blood

After the first Gentiles obeyed the Gospel and had been admitted to the fellowship of the church, an important meeting was held in Jerusalem, when the apostles and elders met together to discuss the extent to which the Gentiles might be required to comply with the Mosaic Law. Eating Of Blood!

The Sacredness Of Life

Like most people in the world, Christians see life as very precious but fleeting, life is also sacred for the Christian because we understand that life is a gift from God, where we live holy lives, set apart for God who is the giver of life. The Sacredness Of Life


For many years now I’ve heard many people, especially Christians, asking the question, is it sinful to have a tattoo? Many people in society, including Christians have tattoos somewhere on their body, but is it sinful? What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos?


"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

Romans 8:28