Studies From Both Testaments


There are many lessons which come from both the Old and New Testaments, all of which are wonderfully rich for our learning. To get a full understanding of any Bible topic, we often need to look at both.

We hope you find these studies useful, uplifting and more importantly, we pray they help with your knowledge and understand of the both Testaments.




The existence of angels and their function has always been a widely disputed subject within the religious and non-religious world. Can it be that because in a world as sophisticated as ours, angels just don’t fit in!

In this page we will be looking at seraphim, cherubim and the four living creatures, Michael, Gabriel and how Satan was a fallen angel and answering the questions, do angels exist? Who are guardian angels? In what way will Christians judge angels? And that age-old question, was Jesus the Archangel Michael? Angels

Atonement And Faith

In the Old Testament the Hebrew word ‘Kaphar’ which means ‘to cover’ occurs more than one hundred times in connection with the idea of atonement. However, in the New Testament no single Greek word occurs which means atonement. The word ‘atonement’ means reconciliation. Atonement And Faith


Blood is the red fluid circulating in the body that takes nourishment to the body parts and carries away waste. The word ‘blood’ is often used literally in Scripture. Sometimes the word refers to the blood of animals, at other times it refers to human blood. The word is also used figuratively in the Bible. Blood


We first come across God’s covenant concerning circumcision in the Book of Genesis, a covenant is basically an agreement between two parties.

In Genesis, we read of an agreement between God and Abraham which consisted of God promising Abraham and his descendants would inherit the Promised Land, that is Canaan, as long as Abraham and his descendants fully obeyed the Lord and remained faithful to Him all the days of their lives. Do people need to be circumcised today? The answer may surprise you! Circumcision


Death is a topic which most people don’t like to discuss, or try to avoid as much as possible, but then there are others who do have many questions concerning the subject.

In this page we will be answering the questions, what is heaven, do animals go there? What is hell and its purpose? What is eternal punishment and reward all about? Will Christians be judged on Judgment Day? We will also be answering the questions, what happens when we die? Is death really the end and should Christians fear death? What can we learn from the rich man and Lazarus? What will our bodies be like in heaven? Who are the 144,000? Do animals go to heaven? What is reincarnation and karma? And much more. Death


People love the mysterious and often go to the Bible to back up their claims, more often than not they usually go to the Scriptures which are vague and make them mean something they were never meant to mean and some even try to make them applicable today.

In this page we will be answering the questions, does demon possession still happen today? Do mediums, fortune-tellers and psychics really have the power they claim they have? What about Saul and the ‘evil spirit’ and Saul and the witch of Endor? And then we have the old age question, who is Satan? And much more. Demons And Evil Spirits


The Bible teaches that the object of faith, who or what is believed in, is God and His Son Jesus Christ. There are many persons, places and things that we could put our faith in during our lifetime, but we must prioritise our life, and put our faith in God and Jesus Christ above all else. What does real faith look like? What does dead faith look like? Is faith a gift from God? And much more. Faith


Most of the fasting was undertaken voluntarily and was not undertaken at the command of God but devout Jews undertook fasting for at least two reasons. Not for health reasons, but, 1. Because they believed it was a way of attracting the attention of God. If they fasted, they thought that God noticed them. And, 2. Because they thought that, if they fasted, He would be prepared do something about the situation that had caused them to fast. Fasting


There is so much history that occurred in this city that affected not only the Jews but also the entire world.

In reading the Bible we usually form some kind of images in our minds of the places and events we read about in the Bible. Jerusalem


Justification plays a very important role in God’s grace. Justification is an act whereby God credits the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ to sinful man and declares him free from the penalty of death. It is based entirely upon the perfect and complete atoning power of Christ’s blood. Justification


When it comes to the subject of temptation, it’s a subject that every Christian is very familiar with and most of us, if we’re honest with ourselves, will admit we all struggle with them. We all have them and they come in various forms and each one is tailored made for each individual. Overcoming Temptation


There are many great characters within the Bible, some are very encouraging and others not so. But there are lessons we can learn from each of their lives, there are life lessons we can learn and examples to follow and not follow. The Bible tells it as it is, it never hides people’s successes and failures, and what we learn ultimately it that they were human just as we are. People Of The Bible


In prayer, we show our total dependence on God who created all things and us and by whom all things continue to exist. In prayer, we give praise, honour, glory and reverence to His name for His greatness and goodness. We recognise Him as the source of all blessings.

In this page we will be looking at prayer in general, the Lord’s prayer, Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and answering the questions, what was the prayer of Jabez all about? Is the ‘Sinner’s Prayer’ Biblical? And much more. Prayer


The foundation of Premillennialism teaching is, simply this, the Jews will return to Palestine.

So, let’s go ahead and see what the Scriptures actually teach. Premillennialism


In the Bible, there are many themes, holiness is the main theme that flows through the entire Bible. Sin is also a major theme which runs through the Bible along with the themes of righteousness, the mercy of God, faith etc. In the Same way, the theme of redemption is one of the major themes in the Bible. Redemption


The Jews participated in many festivals in which they celebrated a variety of different things, in order to remember specific events which happened throughout their history, all of which were commanded by God.

To some in Christendom the most important Christian holiday is Easter, a spring holiday that celebrates Christ’s resurrection from the dead. To others in Christendom the most important Christian holiday is Christmas, which they believe commemorates the birth of Jesus on December 25th. It’s amazing how church buildings all of a sudden fill up with people only when these two dates come along! Religious Holidays And Jewish Festivals


Relationships are a beautiful gift from God, but all too often people jump right into a relationship without thinking about what they are doing, this can lead to devastating consequences. There’s also the beautiful gift from God which we call ‘singleness’, this is where a person decides to stay single all of their lives.

In this page we will be looking at marriage in general, sharing some practical guidelines for those who are single and those who are looking to enter a relationship and answering the questions, can broke marriage relationships be mended? Can a Christian marry an unbeliever? Relationships


We all know that sin is a huge problem, it always has been and always will be until Christ returns and there’s no denying there are consequences to pay, if not in this life, certainly in the next.

In this page we will be looking at where it all went wrong, and the consequences, God’s cure for sin and how to overcome sin and, how unintentional sins are dealt with and answering the questions, why is there pain and suffering in the world? What is the wrath of God? What is the purpose of Hell and eternal punishment? Does God send people to Hell? And much more. And much more. Sin And Punishment


Over the years I’ve heard a lot of superstitions which many people take seriously, sadly some Christians do too, although some without releasing it. I’ve heard Christians speaking about ‘touching wood’ when they want something ‘good’ to happen. Superstition


After the first Gentiles obeyed the Gospel and had been admitted to the fellowship of the church, an important meeting was held in Jerusalem, when the apostles and elders met together to discuss the extent to which the Gentiles might be required to comply with the Mosaic Law. Eating Of Blood!

The Restoration Of Israel!

There are a few religious groups, who sincerely believe that God is going to restore the land of Israel when Christ returns. They believe this will take place during the ‘thousand year’ reign of Christ on earth, and that Jesus will set up His headquarters in Jerusalem and sit on the literal throne of David. But what do the Scriptures actually teach? The restoration Of Israel


Like most people in the world, Christians see life as very precious but fleeting, life is also sacred for the Christian because we understand that life is a gift from God, where we live holy lives, set apart for God who is the giver of life. The Sacredness Of Life


For many years now I’ve heard many people, especially Christians, asking the question, is it sinful to have a tattoo? Many people in society, including Christians have tattoos somewhere on their body, but is it sinful? What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos?


"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."

Hebrews 11:1