God’s Cure For Emotional Pain  


This series of lessons is not for everyone. Jesus once said, “I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly.”

A Christian’s life should be a life where your mind and heart are at peace, contented, loving and joyful. For some this is rarely experienced. Instead their lives have been filled with such things as anxiety, phobias, depression, worthlessness, obsessions, insecurity, rejection, guilt, bitterness, and feeling unloved.

If you suffer from any of these then this series is for you. God has a cure for your emotional pain. It is yours for the taking. In fact we can guarantee you that if you will submit to the cure provided by God you can soon divest yourself of painful emotions.

Unfortunately many people who go through the trauma of emotional pain are not willing to do anything about it. Instead of seeking professional help they choose to continue in their pain. Most of these feel ashamed to talk with anyone about their feelings. Often men are too macho and women are too embarrassed to say anything for fear someone will think they are mentally unbalanced. Of course this is not true. The emotional pain mentioned above has no connection with a person being “crazy.”

Some feel that they can work through it or “snap out of it.”

Others are afraid they will reveal family secrets that could be very embarrassing. No doubt some refuse professional help because of the expense involved. As one who has experienced depression the author knows how difficult it is to open up to other about one’s emotional pain.

In view of the refusal of many to talk with a professional counsellor about their emotional problems I have tried to do the next best thing. You can allow this series of studies to become your personal counsellor. Already over the past 10 years many have been using these therapy chapters with considerable success. You too can derive healing if you are willing to work at it.


#1 In one of his sermons Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10)

It is clear that Jesus is saying he can offer us a more abundant way of living than what we have been experiencing. God’s intention is that Christians have a good life that is free, abundant, overflowing, adventurous and exciting beyond any other kind of existence. He wants to provide us with love, peace, joy and security.

Unfortunately many people fail to experience these attributes in their daily lives. Jesus said, “My peace I give you”

yet instead of peace many have fears and phobias. The apostle Paul exhorts us to “Rejoice and again I say rejoice,”

but some of us are very unhappy, even experiencing depression. Jesus promises security. He said, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age,”

still we can feel very insecure. The Bible assures us that the love of God can be “poured out in our hearts,”

however we can feel very unloved and unwanted.

Why do we have all these negative emotions?

Can it be that God’s word does not apply to certain people under certain conditions? Most certainly not! All of us will have certain negative emotions at various times but we have been able to deal with them without interrupting our emotional stability. Others because of their emotional make up have great difficulty in dealing with their negative emotions.

For example fear can become very paralyzing. The insecurity associated with fear can leave one an emotional casualty. People suffer daily from such negative emotions as rejection, guilt, anger, grief, depression, worry, low self esteem, insecurity, being a failure, phobias and panic attacks. Is there any hope for those who find themselves incapacitated by such feelings? There certainly is!

First of all you will learn the reason why you have your particular negative emotions. You will also discover the origin for these emotions, once you understand why you have these feelings and their origin you will have already won half the battle.

You will come to recognize that negative thoughts and behaviour are choices you have made. You may not realize it now but we choose to be obsessed with our particular negative emotions rather than to think them out in a rational way. You can and will learn to choose differently from what you have been doing.

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God’s Cure For Emotional Pain    


"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us."