The Bible And Science


The place of the Bible in the scientific task of understanding the natural world has conflicted the minds of Christians at least as far back as the time of Augustine. Over two millennia the role of Scripture in scientific explanation has ebbed and flowed according to time and place.

The Bible is commonly perceived to contain numerous scientific errors in cosmology, biology, history, and archaeology. However, the truth is the Bible is very accurate in matters of science. It’s also a shame that people think that science proves the Bible to be accurate, when in fact it’s the Bible which shows science to be accurate.

Below are a few examples.

‘The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.’ Psalm 19:1

‘When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place.’ Psalm 8:3

Ancient Scientists

Ancient scientists believed there were only 1000 stars. They believed the sky was a solid dome where the stars were cemented into place.

However, the heavens or firmament is where God stretches out the heavens like a curtain. Raquia is the Hebrew word for firmament and it means a thinness or atmosphere. With perfect vision, we can see about 8000 stars in both hemispheres.

The good news is that scientists know better today, so it seems that science has learned. Sir James Jeans says, ‘there are probably as many stars as, grains of sand on all the seashores of the world.’

Today we know there are 1000 million stars in our universe. 100 million stars in other universes in known space.

Einstein believed that known space is a 1000 millionth of theoretical space. You don’t contradict Einstein! 10 to the power of 28 is a number beyond our comprehension! Genesis 15:5.

God said to Abraham, ‘look! See if you can count the stars!’ This is God speaking, not Abraham thinking. They were innumerable! Job 26:7.

‘The empty space’ was discovered in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a patch of the sky without a single star.

Ancient scientific notions about the earth

1. On the shoulders of Atlas standing on two giant turtles, swimming in a bottomless sea! Job 26:7. Notice again ‘He suspends the earth over nothing’.

2. The Earth is the centre of our universe.

Everything revolves around us. Back in the 16th Century, Rome ruled, and they decreed what was scientific. Galileo Galilei, 1632, His book was banned by the Church of Rome because he said the earth revolved around the sun. He was questioned and threatened torture and death. He recanted and said, ‘But it does move.’

3. Flat earth.

Columbus sailing to the west believed they would ‘fall off’ the Earth.

Flat earth society by Samuel Birley in the 1800s travelled England teaching, ‘Earth flat and stationary in Space and the Sun is only 400 miles away!’

James McIntyre believed the Earth was a flat disc, some 24,000 miles in diameter.

Jon Davis, a Canadian believed the Earth is flat extending horizontally endlessly. Isaiah 40:22.

The Hebrew word for circle is ‘chuwg’ and it means an orb or ball.

Think about the Earth and our universe

Around 40 years ago a capsule containing two men was safely landed on the Moon! And safely brought back again!

Why were scientists able to accomplish, such an amazing fete?

Because they reckoned on the reliability of the laws that operate in our universe!

Think about the problems it involved

It is one thing to shoot at a stationary target, but an entirely different matter when you are shooting at a moving target! It is even more, difficult to hit a moving target when you are on a moving base.

Biblical revelation and scientific discovery

It’s amazing how scientists discover something ‘new’, but the Bible spoke about it and taught it thousands of years before they were discovered, here are a few examples.

A philosopher named Philolaus who lived around 470 B.C. was the first to suggest that the earth must have balance. Isaiah 40:12.

They discovered in the 17th century that both man and woman possess the seed of life. Genesis 2:7 / Genesis 2:18 / Genesis 2:22.

They discovered in the 10th century there is a place void of stars in the north. Job 26:7.

They discovered in 1650 that the Earth is held in place by an invisible force. Job 26:7.

They discovered in 1735 the taxonomical classification of matter. Genesis 1.

They discovered in the 15th century that Earth is round. Isaiah 40:22.

They discovered in the 15th century that day and night occur simultaneously on Earth. Luke 17:34-35.

They discovered in the 16th century that certain animals carry diseases harmful to man. Leviticus 11

They discovered in the 17th century early diagnosis of leprosy. Leviticus 13

They discovered in the 17th century that the blood of animals carries disease. Leviticus 17

They discovered in the 17th century that blood is necessary for the survival of human life. Leviticus 17:11.

They discovered in 1854 that oceans have natural paths in them. Psalm 8:8.

They discovered in 1860 that the most seaworthy ship design is a 30.5.3 ratio. Genesis 6.

They discovered in 1932 that light is a particle, has mass, a photon. Job 38:19.

They discovered in 1945 radio astronomy, stars give off signals. Job 38:7.

They discovered in 1920 that oceans contain freshwater springs. Job 38:16.

They discovered in 1905 and 1966 that snow has material value. Job 38:22.

They discovered in 1940 that there are an infinite number of stars. Genesis 15:5.

They discovered in 35 that dust is important for survival. Isaiah 40:12.

They discovered in 1820 Hubert Spencer’s scientific principles. Genesis 1.

Evangelista Torricelli discovered in the 16th century that air has weight. Job 28:25.

They discovered in 1650 that light can be split up into component colours. Job 38:24.

They discovered in the 19th century that matter is made up of invisible particles. Job 8:16.

They discovered in 1920 that plants use sunlight to manufacture food. Job 8:16.

They discovered in the 19th century that Arcturus and other stars move without a pause. Job 38:32 / Judges 5:20.

They discovered in the 17th century the water cycle. Ecclesiastes 1:7.


There are many other examples we could look at, but I think this will suffice for now. Like I wrote earlier, it’s amazing how scientists discover something ‘new’, but the Bible spoke about it and taught it thousands of years before they were discovered.

Continue to have confidence in the Word of God