Modern Scientific Theories And The Bible


How do you fancy living to be 120 years of age? I don’t think many people would if they were honest with themselves. But, a few weeks ago, I saw an item on the morning TV news that both surprised and amused me.

An old gentleman made a statement which can only be described as a flight of fantasy. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, ‘science fiction’ because there’s a lot of it about, fiction being presented as science, and the sad fact is, that when ‘fiction’ is presented as ‘scientific fact’ people are inclined to believe it.

Usually, because they can’t understand it, it’s over their heads and some people are always impressed by anything that sounds ‘scientific’.

Now, this, gentleman, who was introduced as a ‘genetic scientist’, said that, the time is coming when people will be live to be 120, and that even sooner, it will be quite common for people to live to reach the age of 100. I don’t know what the Queen thought of that, always assuming she saw this news item. She might be pleased that she will not be around to have to sign all those birthday cards.

And I don’t know if the gentleman who made that statement is an atheist, or just plain ignorant because he went on to make an even more incredible statement, he said that there is ‘really no reason for us to die because we aren’t genetically programmed ‘to die’.

That was the expression he used ‘not genetically programmed to die.’ Presumably, if he thinks that we are ‘not programmed’, to die, he thinks we are ‘programmed’ to keep on living. Well, he actually said that there is ‘no reason for us to die’, and, by the way, it occurs to me to ask, if we are ‘programmed’, doesn’t that mean there is a ‘programmer’? If, as I suspect, he would call himself an atheist, who does an Atheist think does the programming?

I suppose that the kindest thing I can say about him is that the man is just ignorant of the clear teaching of the Bible, and, probably, wilfully ignores the plain experience of mankind from almost the dawn of Man’s existence. But just think of it! Science says there is ‘no reason why we should die’!

I’m reminded of the story about the little boy whose neighbour was a member of the so-called ‘Christian science church’, whose ‘Bible’, is a book written by Mrs Mary Baker Glover Eddy. It’s called, ‘science and health with key to the Scriptures’. She had three husbands and at least two passed away, but this lady taught her followers that sickness and death do not exist. To think you are going to die is ‘an error of mortal mind’. In other words, ‘you only
think you are sick’!

Well, one day the neighbour asked the little boy ‘how are your parents?’ and he informed her that his father was very ill, and they had called the doctor. She said, ‘You tell him that he isn’t really sick He just thinks he is sick!’ Several days later when they met again, the neighbour asked, ‘and how is your father today?’ And the boy replied, ‘He thinks he’s dead’.

Now it may be that the scientific gentleman I saw on TV has come into contact with Christian Science teaching. He certainly is ignorant of the teaching of the word of God, Hebrews 9:27 / 1 Corinthians 15:22 / Romans 5:12.

These passages could be multiplied, as I’m sure you very well know. It’s really sad to notice, especially these days, how many people lack even a basic familiarity with the Bible. There was a time when knowledge of the Scriptures was regarded as an essential part of a good education, but that is no longer the case and if you have ever watched that irritating quiz programme called, ‘The Weakest Link’, where contestants are sometimes asked Bible questions which any seven-year-old child in Sunday school can answer, you must have been amazed at the ignorance that has been displayed!

Of course, there have been famous scientists who knew and believed in the Bible, such men as Michael Faraday and Lord Kelvin and many others.

But the ones whose names make the headlines these days are usually those who don’t believe in the existence of God, and consequently have little or no Bible knowledge, and the consequence is, that they are in the dark.

Mind you, there was an interesting contrast, the ‘Times’ newspaper carried an article about Dr Francis Collins who has been described as ‘probably the world’s most famous, Geneticist, who has led the efforts to decode DNA’ and ‘One of the world’s top scientists.’

He started as an atheist, who believed that religion was basically superstition and admits that he was ‘happy with the idea that God didn’t exist’ but found himself compelled to believe in the existence of the Creator.

And, over in the Daily Telegraph, there was a news item which reported that a group of scientists are complaining that some schools are ‘not teaching evolution’ but are teaching ‘intelligent design’ and reject the theory. Well, that’s exactly what it is! A theory.

And that, in fact, is what Charles Darwin himself called it! And that’s what it has always remained, because, in spite of the claims that have been made, evolution has never been proved to occur.

The Age Of The Earth

The article went on to misrepresent what Christians who believe in Creation actually believe. It stated that they believe that the Earth is only 8000 years old, that is just not true. There may well have been some who accepted Bishop Ussher’s notion than Creation occurred in 4004 B.C. And he reached that conclusion by trying to count up the various chronological figures found in the Old Testament. But the Bible nowhere says how old the Earth is.

What it says is that ‘in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth’, Genesis 1:1 and you can take that back as far as you like.

What do the scientists say about the age of the Earth?

Do they speak with one voice? Do they give us an authoritative date? Well, let me give you the figures put out by the scientists who claim to deal in facts during the last 150 years.

Professor Ramsey d.1916 Ten Thousand Million Years old.
Eugene Dubois. Dutch. d.1940 One Thousand Million years old.
Goodchild, American 700 Million.
Sir Charles Lyell. d.1875 400 Million.
Charles Darwin. d.1882 300 Million.
Sir Oliver Lodge. d.1940 100 Million.
Sir George Dawson d.1901 60 Million.
Professor Tait d.1901 10 Million.

This article states that scientists now believe it to be 460 million years old. Which scientist is right? And how many more times will they revise the figure?


In Psalm 119:105 the Psalmist wrote, ‘Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.’

Some years ago, a scientist was invited to present a lecture on ‘the nature of light’. Many questions may be asked about light. Of what does light consist? Waves? Pockets of energy? How is light created? And how does it travel?

This scientist was an honest man, he told his audience, ‘The only thing we can say with certainty about the nature of Light, is that we are completely in the dark.’

As a matter of fact, we can go further than that, we can rightly say that lacking a belief in, and knowledge of the Bible, the world is very much in the dark This is what the Bible tells us.

The Lord Jesus, said, ‘I am the light of the world.’ John 12:46. He was repeating a claim that He Had made even earlier in John 8.

‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.’ John 8:12

In other words, if we follow Him, we walk in the light, and all those who do NOT follow Him are in the Dark. This is a theme that runs right through the Scriptures. Reject God, His Word, and the Lord Jesus, and you are in the dark. 2 Peter 1:19.

We call that day star Venus, in the early morning, if the sky is clear, if you look out in the East, you will see a bright point of light, that star is Venus, it signals that the night is past, and it heralds the dawn of a new day. I don’t believe that anyone can reasonably deny that the world today is a dark place! But Christians are urged to ‘walk in the light. as he is in the light’. 1 John 1:7

We are to ‘Let our light shine. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.’ Matthew 5:14.

But, as you know, today, if you say that you believe in the Bible, you are regarded as ‘behind the times’. It’s ‘science’ that is said to be up-to-date, modern people believe what the scientists tell them! The fact is that it’s not the Bible which lags behind science, it’s a science which lags behind the Bible and that is the way it has been for centuries.

The Earth

It wasn’t that many centuries ago when many people believed that the Earth is carried on the back of Atlas, the so-called god of strength. And he is standing on the backs of two turtles, that are swimming in a bottomless sea. In those days that was science! And people believed what the ‘scientists’ said, just as some gullible people do today.

We now know that the Planet is suspended in space, we have all seen pictures of the Earth, sent from outer space by astronauts, this lovely planet supported by nothing! But if the scientists had paid attention to the Bible, they would have known the truth!

‘He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing.’ Job 26:7

And, remember that, that the Book of Job is one of the oldest books in the Bible, it belongs to the patriarchal period, that is, even before the time of Moses and the Jewish faith. In fact, it belongs to the time of the Book of Genesis. And yet here, in this book, we have a verse which tells us that the earth is suspended without visible support in space.

The Stars

And there is another statement made in that verse that should be noticed. It says, ‘He, that is God, stretches out the northern skies over the empty space’.

Now, if I were to ask you how many stars there are in outer space, I think I know what you would say! You would say exactly what the Bible says, you would say they are ‘innumerable’.

Well, you know that now! But centuries ago, scientists thought that there were just a few thousand stars. In fact, it has been stated that, with the naked eye, in both northern and southern hemispheres, you might be able to count up to 4000 stars. With a moderately powered telescope, 8000. Today, we haven’t the faintest idea of how many there are.

Wherever the radio telescope is turned, space appears full of heavenly bodies. It took astronomers centuries to reach the conclusion that there are more stars than they can count. Why? Because they didn’t pay attention to the Bible! God told Abraham, ‘Look up at the sky and count the stars—if indeed you can count them.’ Genesis 15:5. See also Genesis 22:17.

It describes them as like the sand on the seashore, innumerable. And yet it has been discovered that in the northern sky there is ‘an empty place’, just as the Book of Job says! Job 26:7. It doesn’t contain one star!

The critics of the Bible like to think that science is ahead of the Scriptures, the fact is that Science lags behind the Scriptures. The Bible contains truths that it takes scientists a long time to accept.


Have you noticed that a great deal is now being made ‘recycling’? Indeed, some very strict laws are currently being considered which, if passed, will make recycling compulsory! But God has been recycling since the dawn of creation! Genesis 2:7 / Genesis 3:19.

Do you know that this is scientifically accurate? Do you realise that the analytical chemist can take your body and result in it to its chemical constituents, and put your body in sixteen medium-sized bottles on a shelf? Recycling? We may not like to think about it, but isn’t that what happens to our bodies when they die?

If you would like a less morbid example, think about what happens with the Earth’s water supply! Recently we have been given grim warnings that the country is running out of water, for one reason or another and we are being urged to save water!

‘The hydro-logical cycle’

But God instituted His own water conservation system to which I have never heard a single scientist make reference! It is called ‘The hydro-logical cycle’, and the Hydro-logical Cycle consists of

Precipitation, the posh word for rain




That is why the Bible is able to make this observation, in Ecclesiastes.

‘All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again.’ Ecclesiastes 1:7

Evaporation keeps the water levels down. There is condensation and it falls again, as rain or snow or hail.


The critics of the Bible like to think that science is ahead of the Scriptures, the fact is that Science lags behind the Scriptures. The Bible contains truths that it takes scientists a long time to accept.