5. Our Relationship With God


In the first lesson, we saw that God created the garden, the animals and Eve because God knew what Adam needed. But He also created all these things to teach Adam and Eve the importance of obedience, Genesis 2:16-17.

In the second lesson, we saw how quickly they broke God’s command when they ate from the tree, Genesis 3:6. And the consequences of their sin were devastating, they were banished from the presence of God, Genesis 3:23.

In the third lesson, we saw that God instituted marriage and the family Genesis 2:24 / Genesis 1:28. But we were reminded that we must love God more than we do our physical families, Matthew 10:37.

In our fourth lesson, we were reminded that God has blessed us to be a part of a much wider spiritual family, Hebrews 10:24-25. In which we worship together, encourage one another, love one another and share with anyone who has a need.

We saw that the church, that is the people, is like a support group for all recovering sinaholics.

In this lesson, we’re going to try and bring all of these lessons together to help us understand our relationship with God.

Adam and Eve enjoyed an incredible relationship with God in the beginning. They walked around naked, and they felt no shame, in other words, they were innocent and trusted God with everything, Genesis 2:25.

But as we’ve seen that incredible relationship with God was quickly broken when they sinned. They are now afraid, they are now guilty and feeling the effects of that guilt by hiding from God, Genesis 3:10.

And just like Adam and Eve, many people choose to do their own thing and turn away from God, Isaiah 53:6. People would rather worship themselves than worship the Creator. People would rather worship pop stars, film stars, money or fame than worship their Creator.

And because of this, their relationship with God has been severely broken. But all is not lost, God sent the head crusher Jesus, not only to deal with the devil, Genesis 3:15 / Romans 16:20, but also to open the way up for us to establish our relationship with Him again. Jesus came and shed His blood on the cross so that we can be reconciled with God again, Romans 5:9-11.

Not only was our relationship with God broken because of our sin, but our relationship with our family is also broken too. The reason we have broken families is because we have broken our relationship with God.

Remember when Adam and Eve sinned, they started the blaming game, Adam blamed God and blamed Eve, Genesis 3:12. And those broken family relationships continued with Cain murdering his brother Abel, Genesis 4:8. And those broken family relationships continue to exist to this very day, and they have a devastating effect on our society as a whole.

The good news is that God hasn’t given up on broken families. In fact, God can bless those broken families in ways you can never imagine.

In Matthew 1 we read about the genealogy of Jesus, and in there are people from all kinds of backgrounds. When you take the time to read through that list of names, you soon discover there were prostitutes, murderers and liars and much more.

But out of those broken families came the Saviour of the world, Matthew 1:16. In other words, despite our broken families, God can still use them to bring about purpose. He can still use them to bring glory to Him and give hope to a broken world.

Not only was our relationship with God broken because of our sin, and our relationship with our family was broken, but also our relationship with ourselves. In many ways, we’ve forgotten where we came from and as a result, we’ve lost our true identity.

When I was younger people would often say that I not only looked like my father, but I also had some of his characteristics. In other words, we often reflect who our father is by the way we act and behave.

Well, just as the child of God reflects who their Father is by trying to imitate their Father in heaven. The children of the devil are called so simply because they imitate the devil in their lives.

And so, whoever doesn’t do what is right, whoever rejects God is called a child of the devil because just like their father, the devil, they imitate him, 1 John 3:10.

John Calvin once said, “There is no piety and no fear of God where Christ is rejected. No matter how outwardly pious a person may seem, he is a child of the devil if he rejects Christ.”

When sin entered the world, we lost our identity, but Christ came to help us claim our identity back. Christ came so that we could re-establish our relationship with God again. He came to provide a way for us to claim back our true identity as children of God, 1 John 3:1.

Yes, believing that Christ is who He claimed to be is important, John 3:36. Yes, confessing Jesus is Lord of your life rather than the devil is important, Romans 10:9-10.

Yes, turning your life around to live the way God wants you to live instead of living the way the devil wants you to live is important, Luke 13:3. All of these things are an important part of the process of changing our identity.

But it’s at our baptism that we actually enter into that relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19. It’s then, we become children of God, it’s then God adds us to His spiritual family, the church, Acts 2:47.

It’s then we discover we have countless brothers and sisters who encourage us to live our lives in ways which help us reflect our Father in heaven.

It’s then God gives us the Holy Spirit Himself as a gift to dwell in us, Acts 2:38, so that He can help us live our new lives in a way which reflects our new Father in heaven.

The question is, whose child do you want to be? How long will you continue to reject Christ?

People who continue to reject God as their Father shouldn’t be surprised when they discover whom they have to spend eternity with, the devil and his angels, Matthew 25:41.

One reason hell is described as a place of darkness is because God isn’t there, Matthew 25:30 / 1 John 1:5.

Carol Fuller was a 72-year-old grandmother living alone in West Hollywood in 1995. During a home invasion robbery, she was locked in a closet, her home was ransacked, and her car was stolen. All of this took place without anyone knowing. But the worst part followed. Days later, investigators found her dead in the closet with her fingers cut from trying to claw her way out.

Sadly, Carol Fuller left this world experiencing much the same horror many will experience for the rest of eternity. Try as they might, claw as they might, they will only have death and darkness as their companion.

If anyone was allowed to visit hell and experience all the pain and anguish and torment, I’m sure that nobody would want to go there, never mind spending eternity there, Matthew 25:30.

In heaven, we will be happy, and we will find a state of blissfulness, Revelation 14:13. This happiness is accompanied by ‘rest’ from ‘labour,’ which signifies we will no longer work to the point of being worn out. There will be a wonderful reward in heaven, but only for those who remain faithful unto death or until Christ returns to take us home.

Imagine! No more sin, no more filth on TV, no more wars and murders, no more children being sexually abused, no more women being raped, no drug dealers, no pimps or prostitutes. Oh, don’t forget, no more diseases and death, no more pain and suffering, Revelation 21:4.

Wouldn’t you rather spend eternity in heaven with God as your Father, than spend eternity in hell with the devil?