Joseph, The Father Of Jesus


We know that Mary was the mother of Jesus and we know that Joseph was the one who would become the Father of Jesus. We’re impressed with Mary for her humble obedience to the Lord’s command, her humility is so evident. When we look at Joseph we see a man who had strong moral beliefs, his faith is very evident.

When he discovered that Mary was pregnant he had three options, have her stoned, sends her away, or marry her. No doubt that his love for her was so great that he desired to shield her under the circumstances. His feelings remind us of Proverbs 11:13, ‘A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.’

Once the angel spoke to him there was no question about how he would handle the situation, but an angel intervenes! Matthew 1:18-21. What a relief it must have been for Joseph to hear these words of assurance, Matthew 1:24-25.

When Jesus was born don’t you know Joseph felt nervous, there was no one present to take care of the birth. Did he assist in some way? They were a long way from Nazareth, there must have been some anxious moments. Many sceptics will deny that this actually happened but think for a moment.

It’s really no greater than conception and birth today, this miracle is no greater than what happens today. Who can fully understand how it happens over and over again, from conception to birth is both beautiful and beyond our understanding.

It’s said that Joseph ‘did not consummate their marriage’ indicates something about Joseph’s character, he constrained himself, and Joseph knew this was a significant event. How many men would live with a woman for this long period without touching her? He would take great care not to interfere with God’s plan. If you love the Lord you will live a celebrated life like any single Christian does.

Joseph observed the ordinance of circumcision, he was careful to observe what God had commanded. He refused to do anything that would oppose God’s will, Luke 2:21.

Joseph brought Mary and the baby Jesus to the temple and presented him to the Lord. Don’t you know he was just as proud of Jesus as if he were his real biological father.

Being warned by an angel Joseph fled to Egypt to escape the jealousy of an insane king who ordered all male infants 2 years old and under to be killed, Matthew 2:13-14.

They go to a foreign land, Egypt and it’s here we see the providence of God. The Egyptian city of Alexandria had a larger population of Jews than Jerusalem. Jews were welcomed to the city, Joseph could work being a carpenter.

Then there were the very expensive gifts the wise men brought and gave to Jesus in recognition of who he was. This is a most amazing event in itself. In all of this, we see the gentleness, kindness and consideration for the needs of his Mary and the child Jesus.

Men, how do we act toward our wives?

An angel appeared in a dream and commanded Joseph to return to the land of Israel but not to Bethlehem but to Nazareth which was Joseph and Mary’s home village, Matthew 2:19-23.

Here Jesus would grow to manhood, Luke 2:40 / Luke 2:51-52. These verses tell us the story of Jesus and his family of brothers and sisters by now to Jerusalem. Joseph was always aware of God’s regulations and laws and was a true leader of the family.

The death of Joseph goes unnoticed, no special praise is given to him, yet from what we read about him we realise he was great in the sight of the Lord. No doubt this is why he was chosen to serve as a father to God’s only begotten Son. In this day and time, we desperately need fathers who are like Joseph seeking to do God’s will and setting an example of a good father.

God chose to bring His Son into the world through natural birth to a poor family who lived in an obscure village. The most striking thing about this complete story is the faith and dedication of these teenagers, they let God lead them.

C. S. Lewis expresses amazement that God left the birth and development of his only begotten son in the hands of two teenagers.



"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."