Complete Study Of The Book Of Micah


The prophet Micah has a warning for God’s people and the warning was that God was going to punish them for their sinfulness because they were listening to the lies of the false prophets. This wasn’t how God intended things to be, God was to be their teacher and God wanted peace between the nations. God goes on to promise that He will send a leader for them who would be born in Bethlehem, we know Him today as Jesus, The Christ.

In the meantime, God accused His people of sinfulness and refused to receive any gifts from them. He simply wanted them to humble themselves and do what was right in His eyes. However, because of their stubborn hearts, God would end up punishing them. the good news is that when His people finally did humble themselves and turn to serve the Living God, then God would make them into a great nation once again.


The very first verse of Micah tells us that Micah wrote this book, Micah 1:1. Not much is known about Micah other than what is mentioned in this book but we know his name means ‘Who is like God’. He was from Moresheth on the border of Judah and Philistia, which was the main road leading to Egypt. His contemporaries were Isaiah and Hosea.

He is mentioned by Jeremiah, Jeremiah 26:18 and other prophets also validated the authorship of Micah by quoting from his writings, Isaiah 41:15 / Ezekiel 22:25 / Zephaniah 3:19. While Isaiah was able to mix with nobles and court people, Micah was able to mix with ordinary people, and some say he is overshadowed by Isaiah, but his words are in no way inferior to Isaiah’s words.

The closing verse is quoted in the song of Zacharias, Micah 7:20 / Luke 1:72-73. The prediction regarding the place ‘where Christ should be born,’ one of the most remarkable Messianic prophecies, Micah 5:2 is quoted in Matthew 2:6.

There are a few other references to this book in the New Testament.

a. Micah 5:2 is quoted in Matthew 2:6 / John 7:42.

b. Micah 7:6 is quoted in Matthew 10:21 / Matthew 10:35-36.

c. Micah 7:20 is quoted in Luke 1:72-73.


Because Micah prophesied during the days of Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, who were kings of the Southern Kingdom and since he began his ministry before the fall of the Northern Kingdom in 722/21 B.C. and he continued his prophecy into the reign of Hezekiah, Jeremiah 26:18, we can conclude, therefore, that the book was written 735 B.C.


Halley’s Bible Handbook, says the following.

‘Micah’s message was to both Israel and Judah, addressed primarily to their two respective capitals, Samaria and Jerusalem. Its three main ideas were: their Sins; their Destruction and their Restoration. These ideas, in the book, are mixed up, with abrupt transitions between Present Desolation and Future Glory.’


Judah will fall because of the same thing that is going to cause the Northern Kingdom to fall, that is, idolatry and forsaking the law.


God is Coming in Judgment. Micah 1-2

God is Coming in Peace. Micah 3-5

God is Coming in Mercy. Micah 7-7

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Complete Study Of The Book Of Micah