The Book Of Malachi

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The Malachi Bible study tells us that Malachi which is the last book of the Old Testament and is God’s last prophetic Word to the nation of Israel. It’s a post-exilic book, which means it was written after the return from captivity in Babylon. The prophet Malachi, whose name appropriately means, ‘the messenger of the Lord’, is the last of God’s Old Testament prophets. God won’t speak to His people again for the 400 years with the arrival of John the Baptist.

Malachi wrote this book to show the Israelites, especially the priests that they have broken several of God’s covenants and He won’t accept just any old thing for a sacrifice. Malachi encourages the Jews to sacrifice right, live right and keep God first in their lives because the Messiah will come through them.

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Malachi is like the apostle Peter on the Day of Pentecost, he’s a ready, aim, fire kind of man, Malachi was direct in his approach and a had no nonsense approach in telling God’s people where they are going wrong. Oh, how the world can do with more people like him today! Complete Study Of The Book Of Malachi

Chapter By Chapter

Now as we go through this book, you will notice that we find a series of questions, questions asked by God and answered by God.

In other words, God already knows the answers to questions before you ask them. He knows what’s in people’s hearts and minds. Malachi 1

When God instituted the priests among Israel, He promised them the blessing of the support of the people if they carried out their duties according to His law. However, in this case, if they continued in their injustice and indifference, God would command a curse upon them which means the priests would lose the support of the people. Malachi 2

Now those people who thought you could live unrighteously and still prosper, weren’t alone in that belief, it was becoming wide spread among God’s people.

God says, the time is coming when He will stop that kind of thinking when He sends His messenger. Malachi 3

As we enter the final chapter, which in turn means the final prophecy given to the Jews in the Old Testament we need to keep a couple of things in mind. Malachi 4


"Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ."

Romans 10:17