Complete Study Of The Gospel Of Matthew


The book Matthew is a bridge between the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is a Jewish document aimed at Jewish readers. The book talks about a Jewish Messiah.


The author of this book was beyond a doubt Matthew, an apostle of our Lord, whose name it bears, Matthew 9:9-13 / Matthew 10:3. Matthew, the apostle and the son of Alphaeus, was formerly known as Levi, Mark 2:14. The name Matthew means ‘gift of God’. He was a tax collector in Capernaum before being called by Jesus to follow Jesus, Matthew 9:9 / Luke 5:27-28 / Acts 1:13.

Matthew wrote about Jesus and not about himself and nowhere in the Gospels do we find a word spoken by him. The last mention of him is in Acts 1:13, and the time and manner of his death are unknown.


As to the time of its composition, there is little in the Gospel itself to indicate. It was evidently written before the destruction of Jerusalem, Matthew 24:1ff, and sometime after the events, it records. The probability is that it was written between the years A.D. 60 and 65.

The Book

Some suggest that the four faces mentioned in Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelation 4:7, represent Jesus in the four Gospels.

Matthew represents the face of the lion which implies Jesus’ kingship, Jesus is from the line of Judah.

Mark, represents the face of the ox, which implies the servant, service, the serving Jesus.

Luke, represents the face of the man, which implies humanity, Jesus is the Son of Man.

John represents the face of the eagle, which molies Jesus’ deity, Jesus is the Son of God.

Matthew was written for Jews and he uses the words ‘as it is written’ throughout his Gospel. Note the genealogy goes back to Abraham, the father of the Jewish nation, Matthew 1:1-17. His point is to remind the Jews that Jesus is the Messiah in fulfilment of the Jewish Law.

Mark is writing to Romans and he simply talks about what Jesus is doing and how busy He is, which is exactly what the Romans were doing building roads etc., they were busy people.

Luke is written for the Greeks and he uses the term, ‘Son of Man’ throughout his Gospel. Notice his genealogy goes back to Adam, his point is that Jesus is for the whole world, Luke 3:23-38.

John is writing to those in Asia and he uses the term ‘Son of God’ throughout his Gospel. His point is to demonstrate that Jesus is the Christ through signs, 8 miracles and 8 ‘I AM’ statements.

The Old Testament is a book of promise and in Matthew’s Gospel, the term ‘fulfilled’ is used 15 times. Matthew uses 129 quotes and allusions to the Old Testament. The Gospel of Matthew is known as the Gospel of the King, it records 20 miracles performed by Jesus, 6 major lessons and 60% of the teachings of Jesus.

The Book Is Divided Into Four Parts

1. Containing the genealogy, the birth, and the infancy of Jesus. Matthew 1:1-2:23.

2. The discourses and actions of John the Baptist preparatory to Christ’s public ministry. Matthew 3:1-4:11.

3. The discourses and actions of Christ in Galilee. Matthew 4:12-20:16.

4. The sufferings, death and resurrection of our Lord. Matthew 20:17-28.


The revelation of the King. Matthew 1-10

Rebellion against the King. Matthew 11-13

Retirement of the King. Matthew 14-20

Rejection of the King. Matthew 21-27

The resurrection of the King. Matthew 28

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Complete Study Of The Gospel Of Matthew