Complete Study Of The Book Of James


It appears that some saints were having problems in their personal lives and having problems in the church. They were going through difficult trials, they were facing temptations to sin, and they were hearers, but not necessarily doers.

Some were catering to the rich, whilst others were oppressed by the rich, and some were competing for positions in the church. Improper use of the tongue was also a problem, as was worldliness and straying from the faith. These are just some of the problems which James was addressing in his letter.


Although there are a few James mentioned in the New Testament, most scholars agree that the James whose name is mentioned in the letter is James, the brother of our Lord, who humbly identifies himself only as ‘a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ’.

According to Matthew 13:55, we know that Jesus definitely had a brother named James and we also know that he didn’t believe in Jesus at first, John 7:5, but after the resurrection of Jesus and an appearance by Jesus to him, he became a disciple, 1 Corinthians 15:7.

From that point on, the Lord’s brother became a great leader amongst God’s people who were in Jerusalem according to Galatians 2:9.


It is believed that James was martyred around A.D. 63 and so, many scholars date the letter anywhere from A.D. 45 to 63.


Introduction. James 1:1
Count temptations to be joy. James 1:2-11
Temptations are not from God. James 1:13-16
God brings good gifts. James 1:17-18
Consider a life of righteousness. James 1:19-27
Do not show partiality. James 2:1-13
Works demonstrate faith. James 2:14-26
Beware of the tongue. James 3:1-12
Distinguish heavenly wisdom. James 3:13-18
God is a jealous God. James 4:1-10
Bring your speech in line with godly views. James 4:11-17
Warning to the rich. James 5:1-6
Encouragement to the oppressed. James 5:7-12
Effective prayer. James 5:13-18
Watching out for others. James 5:19-20

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Complete Study Of The Book Of James