The Book Of Colossians

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The Book of Colossians is an amazing read and study as we learn about the mystery of Christ which was hidden for years but now has been revealed. This letter is a wonderful reminder of Jesus was and continues to be and teaches us many glorious things concerning how Christ did for us in conquering sin and death. Give thanks! Give thanks! Give thanks!

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Paul focuses on the present exaltation of Christ. The theme of the letter, therefore, focuses on the Christ of the church, whereas Ephesians focuses on the church of the Christ.

Colossians identifies the cause of the church, that is, Christ. Complete Study Of The Book Of Colossians

Chapter By Chapter

We cannot claim to be a Christian, and at the same time, affirm that Paul is here giving only his personal opinions or theology concerning these matters.

Paul doesn’t write from opinion or personal thought. Colossians 1

Paul has just finished telling the Christians in Colossae that his goal is to help them become fully mature in Christ.

Here in Colossians 2 he’s going to speak about his real concern for them. He will remind them that Jesus’ death on the cross, has removed the old Law. Colossians 2

Paul reminds the saints at Colossae that they need to keep their hearts and minds on heavenly things.

This is so important even for Christians today, especially if we want to become mature by being transformed. Colossians 3

We’re praying watchfully so that we won’t be caught out by Satan and temptation.

We’re praying watchfully so that we remember that death is a reality and the judgement to follow. Colossians 4


"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."

Hebrews 11:1