The Drink Offering


Read Genesis 35:14 / Exodus 29:40-41 / Numbers 28:7-10 / Numbers 28:14-15 / Numbers 28:24 / Numbers 28:31.

The Drink Offering was poured out upon an existing offering. Often a blood sacrifice was accompanied by both a Meal Offering and a Drink Offering. Because the Drink Offering is ‘poured out’ upon the existing offering, there is a thought of ‘wasting’ or ‘being wasted’. Matthew 26:6-8.

In Genesis 35:14, Jacob pours out a drink offering to signify he is giving his life back to God, consecrating himself for the house of God, ‘Beth-El’. Likewise, Aaron and his sons have just been consecrated, giving their lives for the Tabernacle service, so that God may have a dwelling place. Exodus 29:43-45.

For this to be valid there is need, morning and evening, of daily offerings, including a lamb for a Burnt Offering, a Meal Offering and a Drink Offering. Twice daily, there is renewed consecration in the Tabernacle by the priests. This is a picture for us in our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The apostle Paul spoke of himself being ‘poured out as a drink offering’ on the sacrifice and priestly service of the faith of the saints in Philippi. Philippians 2:17, as he contemplated the possibility of soon having his life ended on account of the Gospel.



"And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

Philippians 4:7