The End Of The World!


Some people are obsessed with anything to do with ‘the end of the world’, some look for modern day ‘signs’, others think that ‘Armageddon’ is coming soon, and still others look for anything which they believe ‘proves we’re now living in the ‘last days’.

What does the Bible really say about these things?

We hear of earthquakes, flood disasters, bombings, wars and time and time again we always get some religious group telling us the world of going to end this year, whatever year that happens to be! Well, there is no doubt that the world has, in recent times, experienced alarming and even terrifying events which have caused many to wonder just where mankind is heading. Armageddon

There are many theories about the phrase, new heaven and earth but probably the most common one is that the phrase means that the present Earth is going to undergo some kind of renovation, some kind of cleaning process using fire, so that it becomes like it was in the beginning when God created it and so, it will become our new heaven. This theory doesn’t correspond with what the Scriptures actually teach. New Heavens And A New Earth

Do we think that we are living in the ‘end times’?

Also, do we think that all the world’s catastrophes and problems indicate the imminence of the Lord’s return?

Are they ‘signs of the times’? Signs Of The Times!

We need to be sure than we understand what is meant by ‘Global Warming’ and why it is happening, because, since it is a phenomenon which has been identified and named relatively recently, various theories have been advanced to try to explain the origin of the problem. The Bible And Global Warming

There is so much going on in the ‘religious world’ concerning the last days, people are looking for signs and wonders to prove we’re in the last days, there are wars and there are terrors which all point to the end of the world. I wonder what the Bible actually teaches concerning ‘the last days’, I think you’ll find it fairly straightforward. The Last Days!

Ecclesiastes 1:4 is a passage, and especially the phrase ‘remain forever’ has puzzled many a person over the years, especially by those who come in pairs to knock on our doors to remind us of how bad the world is! If we are to understand this expression, it’s important that we read the entire verse. Will The Earth Remain Forever?


"In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."

Proverbs 3:6