Complete Study Of Practical Parenting


These lessons have been adapted from a series of lessons which were given to me by my dear friend Jimmy Eaton. Although Jimmy and I had totally different upbringings, we share the same goals in raising children.

1. Learning How To Love Your Child

This is an exciting age in which to live, it is an age of unprecedented opportunities and blessings. Children today have so many more advantages to develop both physically and mentally than ever before. Yet the paradox to this is that this is also possibly the most difficult age we have ever had to raise children i.

When Jimmy was growing up he didn’t have to face many of the things that I face and many of today’s children have to face. Below are a few of the things Jimmy didn’t face.

1. The drug culture which has reached even the very young.

2. The rock rebellion. Anger and rage against established principles.

3. Pornography.

4. X Rated movies.

5. The tremendous brainwashing done by television. 14,000 hours or 4.9 years of a child’s life is spent viewing television.

6. Humanism which assaults Christian principles on every hand.

7. Divided homes. A higher percentage of children than ever before are now living in single-parent homes. This is resulting in a tremendous amount of emotional problems for our children.

8. The age of conformity. This drive has become all-consuming to Britons destroying their ability of one to act and think for themselves.

All of these things place tremendous pressure on parents and their children. It is a difficult challenge that they face. They need all the support and help they can get.

God provides us with a lot of good advice in His word. Also, older Christians who have raised children have learned much from experience and can be of help.

The author of these notes does not claim to be any kind of expert or authority on the matter. However, experience can be a great teacher. The unfortunate thing is that after you have gained experience and have learned what not to do and what to do then it is usually too late.

If you could have known what you know now when you started raising your children how much better it would have been. However, this experience can be passed on so that others can profit.

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Complete Study Of Practical Parenting  


"For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."