Short Discussion Questions From 1-2 Peter


These lesson are very short and basic but hopefully you’ll come away with a much better understanding of Peter’s letters and of coarse, there will be plenty of applications for our lives and lots of questions you can discuss with others. Enjoy.

Complete Study

What an amazing encouragement we receive when we take out time and read through Peter’s letters.

Enjoy this simple discussion based study, you will be blessed, as you shared your thoughts with each other. Complete Study Of Short Discussion Questions From 1-2 Peter

Chapter By Chapter

1 Peter

As Christians we have a hope. We are a chosen people. We are blessed with an imperishable inheritance.

As Christians we are encouraged to be holy as God is holy. Through the power of God’s Word we can live a disciplined life. Discussions From 1 Peter 1

As Christ is the living stone, we as Christians we are living stones, and encouraged to grow spiritually in our walk with God.

In the way Christ suffered, He left us an example to follow. Suffering is part of the Christian life. Discussions From 1 Peter 2

Being a Christian is all about relationships.

Our relationship with God, each other and the world. Our relationship with our husband and wife and the relationship with out children.

We learn about the sacrifice of Christ and how we can be saved. Discussions From 1 Peter 3

When we reflect upon the sacrifice of Christ, we must ask ourselves, if this has an effect on our lives. We know the end of the world is coming and so be need to be living right.

What is our attitude towards others really like? How do we deal with persecution? Discussions From 1 Peter 4

Once again were reminded about the end of the world. We see the importance of good spiritual leadership within our congregations.

We read about the importance of fellowship and the eternal rewards for being faithful. Discussions From 1 Peter 5

2 Peter

How blessed we are to be a part of God’s eternal kingdom. This is a message we should never tire of hearing.

God has given us everything we need to live a live which please Him. Discussions From 2 Peter 1

If there’s one certainty in the church, it will be the presence of false teachers.

No one starts out as a false teacher, but they seem to be easily led astray from the truth. God knows who they are and their fate isn’t something to be desired. Discussions From 2 Peter 2

Our God loves mankind so much and doesn’t want anyone to perish.

For those who are Christians the great call of the New Testament is to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. Discussions From 2 Peter 3


"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."

Philippians 4:19