12. Joseph, Quite A Character


By Caleb Jones

From Zero to Hero

‘And the patriarchs, jealous of Joseph, sold him into Egypt; but God was with him…’ Acts 7:9

Act I: The Dreamer.

Read Genesis 37

1. Have you ever known someone that you just couldn’t stand to be around? How often do you think those feelings have their roots in jealousy?

2. Have you ever been the victim (or beneficiary) of someone playing favourites? How did that make you feel toward the one playing favourites and the one receiving favouritism?

3. When you read Act 1 of the story of Joseph, what feelings or emotions do you have toward the different characters: Joseph, Joseph’s brothers, and Jacob?

4. Can you relate with the brothers’ feelings toward Joseph? What about the decisions that those feelings led to?

Act II: The Servant.

Read Genesis 39-40

1. Have you ever, despite feeling like you were doing everything right, been wrongly accused or treated unfairly?

2. What can we learn from this story about the way God expects us to act in unfair circumstances?

3. What can we learn from Joseph’s example of self-control while in a position of authority?

4. Do you think it was hard for Joseph to keep trusting God despite being kidnapped, sold into slavery and thrown in prison? Is it hard for you to trust God when things don’t go as planned?

5. Read Genesis 40:23. How easy is it for you to forget God and/or those who have helped you in a time of need once everything is going well again?

Act III: The King.

Read Genesis 41-45

1. What can we learn from Genesis 41 about trusting God? Is this story trying to tell us that if we will just trust God then He will make us ‘king of _________’?

2. How does the way Joseph interacts with his brothers in chapters 42-45 make you feel? Do you think that was right and/or fair of him?

3. Are you ever tempted to want to ‘get back’ at someone who has done you wrong?

4. Do you ever struggle to give someone a second chance? Do you think people who have wronged you in the past (or in the future) can ever change for the better? Are you willing to let them?


1. In this epic story of Joseph’s life, as he went from family to slavery to second in command of the most powerful civilisation at that time, how do you think he was able to maintain his faith through it all? Do you think you could do the same?

2. What do these pages of scripture tell us about God?

3. What do these pages of scripture tell us about man?

4. What can we take away from this story for our own lives?



"In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."

Proverbs 3:6