Quite A Character


These character studies were put together by various authors in which we will learn from the many men, women and children highlighted in Scripture.

Special thanks to the Red Bank church for allowing me to use their material.

Introduction To Study

‘Whether you’re studying for personal devotion or preparing a lesson or sermon, when you dive deep into the lives of biblical characters, you realize that there was nothing special to set them apart; God didn’t choose these individuals because of any intrinsic greatness. Quite A Character Introduction


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Elvis Costello wrote a song entitled, ‘Blame it on Cain.’

The chorus to the song goes like this…

‘Blame it on Cain. Don’t blame it on me. Oh-oh, oh, it’s nobody’s fault. But we need somebody to burn.’ Cain, Quite A Character


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Pilate is characterised as an evil person in the history of Christianity because he is the one who delivered Jesus to be crucified. Although our actions will probably not be written in history for all to hear about…we are more like Pilate than we would like to think. Pilate, Quite A Character


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Joshua is one of the most impressive characters in all Scripture. He came out of adverse circumstances, was apprenticed to a great leader, and carried out his mission completely. Joshua, Quite A Character


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God’s people, the Israelites, had been in a period of peace that lasted 40 years. Unfortunately, the Israelites again started to disobey God. God called Gideon to prepare His people for a separation. Gideon, Quite A Character


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The story of Abigail, David and Nabal has been described as a narrative enactment of the tension between ‘Wisdom’ and the ‘Fool’, which is a standard theme in Biblical literature. Abigail, Quite A Character


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Mary, the mother of our Lord.

She will forever be revered as the most blessed among women because she believed that God would perform the miraculous. Mary, Quite A Character


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I’d Like to Be a Barnabas Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom the apostles called Barnabas (which means “son of encouragement”), sold a field he owned and brought the money and put it at the apostles’ feet. Barnabas, Quite A Character


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The story of this fugitive Colossian slave is a remarkable evidence of the freedom of access to the prisoner which was granted to all, and ‘a beautiful illustration both of the character of St. Paul and the transfiguring power and righteous principles of the gospel. Onesimus, Quite A Character


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God has called childless Abraham and his descendants to bless the world. God has made a covenant with Abraham that has been developed over the course of many years. Abraham, Quite A Character


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‘I brought you up out of Egypt and redeemed you from the land of slavery. I sent Moses to lead you, also Aaron and Miriam.’ Miriam, Quite A Character


‘And the patriarchs, jealous of Joseph, sold him into Egypt; but God was with him…’  Joseph, Quite A Character



Genesis 6 is clear about the state of mankind as the seeds of Adam’s rebellion grew. The world was ‘wicked’, ‘every thought was on evil’, ‘corrupt’, and ‘full of violence’. Noah, Quite A Character


Titus was a busy young man. There are several indications in Scripture which show he was an active part of the gospel work in Macedonia, Corinth, Greece and Dalmatia. Titus, Quite A Character


What a character, Isaiah, who was not in the game for his own glory but for the glory of God!

Isaiah served during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, all kings of Judah. Isaiah, Quite A Character


Early in Jesus’ ministry He was already having a huge impact on people’s lives…including a Pharisee and member of the Sanhedrin. Nicodemus decided he wanted to meet Jesus and ask Him some questions. And Jesus never declined an opportunity to teach. Nicodemus, Quite A Character

The Ethiopian Treasurer

Sometimes God puts people in our path or puts us in another person’s path.

How we react to these situations can result in great growth for us and for others! The Ethiopian Treasurer, Quite A Character

Joseph Of Arimathea

‘He was a ‘rich’ man. Christianity is often portrayed as a ‘sacrifice’ but this passage also shows that while we are to do that certainly, there is also a place where we must use those things God grants for His purpose. We are to serve, give, and live with a higher calling than that of the world.’ Joseph of Arimathea, Quite A Character


After Peter began following Jesus, there are many highlights in his life. We also read about several low points.

As he and others travelled with Jesus, recall some of the highlights and low-lights of Peter’s life. Peter, Quite A Character

Naaman’s Wife’s Servant

Naaman’s wife’s servant is a character that barely makes it into the Bible. There are 31,102 verses in the Bible, she’s mentioned in 3. She’s the nameless servant of a nameless character. While her representation in scripture is minimal, her impact is great! Naaman’s Wife’s Servant, Quite A Character


People assume Zacchaeus was corrupt and greedy because of his job.

Jesus looks at your heart when forming opinions on people, not their profession (background, family, societal standing, etc.). Zacchaues, Quite A Character


Zechariah is full of apocalyptic language with symbolic visions like Ezekiel and Daniel. Although Zechariah’s 14 chapters are considered to be some of the most difficult text to understand, we do gain insight into the man Zechariah and the ‘zeal for Zion’ that he had. Zechariah, Quite A Character


The name has come to be used as a synonym for a wicked woman, Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, the king of the Sidonians. She married Ahab who reigned over Israel. Throughout the reading of 1 and 2 Kings, we see how her influence caused Israel to pull away from God. Ahab came to be known for evil during his reign. Jezebel, Quite A Character


Cornelius is a unique character from whom we can learn much. Unlike most characters in the Bible, he was not a Jew. However, he sets an excellent example for Christians, and is one of the first characters to show that Jesus came to save all of humanity, not just the Israelites. Cornelius, Quite A Character


"Peter replied, ‘Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit."

Acts 2:38