Practical Singleness


As you go through these lessons you will also soon discover that the Bible is very silent on many of the topics we shall look at but what I have tried to do is use Bible principles. Please remember the main thrust of these lessons is to help you glorify God whether you are in a relationship or not. I pray this small effort will bless your Christ-centred relationship.

Some people are under the impression that being single is some sort of curse, as well-meaning people are always asking, when are you going to get into a relationship with someone? as if there was something ‘wrong’ with you and then there are others who feel they are being pressurised into a relationship and, so they settle for relationship which comprises their faith and their relationship with God which within itself can be devastating. Complete Study Of Practical Singleness

You need to know that being single has numerous advantages: the potential ability to cope with troubles, maintain spiritual priorities, and remain undistracted and utterly devoted to Christ.

Single-minded singleness has its advantages. Lesson 1

Whilst being single you need to remember that you are already in a relationship with the most important person we know, Jesus. So, with Him being your priority and pleasing Him your goal, what a blessing it is to give Him our full attention. We will find discover Paul’s second and third advantages to being single. Lesson 2

Jesus is for life not just for Christmas! If your single you need to know that getting married is a real option but a lifetime commitment but in the meantime and you may not be aware of this, God is actually preparing you for marriage if you so desire. We will discover Paul’s fourth advantage for being single. Lesson 3

Our world has programmed us to think if we don’t have it, we need it, and if we do have it, then we need the newer, faster, and cooler model. Not surprisingly, the responses I got from talking to singles regarding finances were bent toward spending money, rather than earning or saving it. Lesson 4

So, you’ve looked at some of the blessing which come from being single, now let’s look at some of the difficulties which come from being single. Oh no were going to discuss the ‘M’ word!

Well someone has to talk about it even though most people avoid the topic like the plague. Lesson 5

Can I have sex if I’m a Christian single?

The easy and right answer to this is ‘NO’ however sometimes just hearing the word ‘NO’ is not enough we need to try and understand why we come to that conclusion but more importantly why God doesn’t agree with society. Lesson 6

Ok you’ve been single for a while now and you really want to get into a relationship with someone and you’re asking the question, will God ever bring someone into my life? That’s a fair question but maybe you should answer this question first why do I want to get into a relationship with someone? Lesson 7

If there’s ever a time to pray for wisdom, it’s definitely when you’re choosing the right person to enter a relationship with.

And remember even after you enter that relationship this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found the right person for marriage. Lesson 8

This is tough, especially when you really like someone and are beginning to fall in love them but as time goes on they reveal that they don’t feel the same about you. Ouch!

That hurts but hang in there, God will have someone better or more compatible for you. Lesson 9

Dating and flirting among Christian singles can be fun, but what does God say? What place should flirting have in the interaction between single Christian men and women? Is it ‘ok’ with God if Christian singles flirt with each other either in a group setting or in a Christian dating relationship? Lesson 10

In many ways finding the right person is easier than the relationship itself, why? Well simply because you both want to glorify God in and through your relationship but with emotions and hormones running at an all-time high you really need to be extra careful not to mess the relationship up because of those feelings and emotions. Lesson 11

It’s so important to listen to each other instead of just what you think is happening within the relationship. Good, clear and honest communication is vital in any relationship. Talk to each other about how you’re feeling about the relationship. Tell each other why you’re happy. Talk to each other about how you feel the relationship is making you sad. Lesson 12


"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart."

Psalm 37:4