The Meal Offering


Read Leviticus 2:1-16 / Leviticus 6:14-23.

The Meal Offering was made from fine flour mingled with oil, plus salt and frankincense. The fine flour speaks of the humanity of Jesus; the oil speaks of the Holy Spirit of God; the salt speaks of the purity of the offering; the frankincense speaks of the fragrance of the offering. The Meal Offering is a type of the Lord Jesus as a genuine man, the son of man, filled with the Holy Spirit.

‘Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness’. Luke 4:1

There are two ingredients that are forbidden in the Meal Offering, leaven, to elevate and honey, to sweeten. Leaven is a small bacterium that grows readily. It signifies Sin. However, Peter said of Jesus, ‘He did no sin, neither was any deceit found in His mouth’. 1 Peter 2:22.

Honey takes away the real taste of something. However, the words Jesus spoke were not sweetened to please the taste of those who heard Him, John 6:60 ‘On hearing it, many of his disciples said, ‘This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?’

Jesus is called the Faithful Witness, Revelation 1:5. Jesus said ‘He whom God has sent speaks the words of God’, John 3:34, and ‘as My Father taught Me, I speak these things’, John 8:28

Therefore the Meal Offering is a type of the Lord Jesus Christ in His humanity.

The Meal Offering could be baked in an oven, or fried in a frying pan. If baked in a pan, the fine flour was not only mingled with oil but the offering was then broken into three pieces and oil poured upon it. Both within and upon the offering there was oil.

This points us to the Lord Jesus, who was not only filled with the Holy Spirit, Luke 4:1, but also tempted three times by the Devil in the wilderness, Luke 4:3 / Luke 4:7 / Luke 4:9. He could then declare ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me’, Luke 4:18

for the carrying out of His earthly ministry of healing people and teaching the word of God and bringing salvation from sin and oppression.

Whether the Meal Offering was baked or fried, a portion of it was burnt upon the Burnt Offering Altar for God’s satisfaction, Leviticus 2:9, while the rest was food for the priests, Leviticus 2:10.

The Meal Offering of the first fruits, Leviticus 2:14-16. This clearly signifies Christ in His death, burial and resurrection, ‘bruised grain, parched with fire’,

His death, Isaiah 53:5 / Psalm 22:15.

His burial, Luke 23:56-24:1.

‘First-fruits’, the Feast of First Fruits was on the third day after the Passover and speaks of Christ’s resurrection, Leviticus 23:11.

Therefore, the Meal Offering is a type of the Lord Jesus Christ in His humanity, full of the Holy Spirit, passing through death, burial and resurrection both for God’s satisfaction and to be ‘the bread of God who gives life to the world’. John 6:33