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‘God institutes the Passover’ Exodus 12

A. Passover instructions.

1. Each household should take a lamb, Exodus 12:1-6.

a. The coming deliverance from Egypt is such a significant act that God tells the children of Israel to remake their calendar, the new year will now start with the month of their redemption from Egypt.

b. On the tenth of this first month, each family, or household, is to take a lamb, and the lamb is to live with the family for the four days until Passover.

i. In this way, the lamb was to be part of the family, when it was sacrificed on the fourteenth it would be cherished and mourned. God wanted the sacrifice of something precious.

ii. The rabbis later determined that there should be at least ten people for each Passover lamb, and not more than twenty.

c. The lamb was also to be without blemish; this sacrifice unto the Lord had to be as perfect as a lamb could be.

d. A lamb from the sheep or from the goats may sound confusing, but the Hebrew word for lamb can refer to either a young sheep or a young goat.

i. ‘The Hebrew ‘seh’ is quite a neutral word and should be translated as ‘head of (small) stock’, applying equally to sheep and goats of any age. The Hebrews, like the Chinese, seem to have regarded any distinction between sheep and goats as a minor subdivision. Probably because of this, to ‘separate the sheep from the goats’ is proverbial of God’s discernment in New Testament times.’ Cole. Matthew 25:32.

2. Instructions for eating the Passover, Exodus 12:7-11.

a. Before the Passover lamb could be eaten its blood had to be applied to the doorway of the home, and the top, and upon each side, the blood was applied. The only part of this sacrifice given to God was the blood, the rest was eaten by each family or discarded.

b. Then, the lamb could be eaten but only if it had been roasted, with the lamb itself coming into contact with the fire, and with bitter herbs accompanying the meal.

i. As our Passover sacrifice, Jesus had to come into direct contact with the ‘fire’ of the Father’s judgment on our behalf, and the bitterness of the cross is reflected in the bitter herbs.

c. The Passover lamb had to be eaten completely, a family had to totally consume the sacrifice.

d. The Passover lamb had to be eaten in faith trusting that the deliverance promised to Israel was present and that they would walk in that deliverance immediately.

i. Faith was essential to the keeping of Passover, Hebrews 11:28.

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