The Seven Sayings Of Jesus On The Cross


Jesus Christ made seven final statements during his last hours on the cross. These phrases are held dear by followers of Christ because they offer a glimpse into the depth of his suffering to accomplish redemption. Recorded in the Gospels between the time of his crucifixion and his death, they reveal his divinity as well as his humanity.

Even on the cross hours before His death, we see Jesus thinking of others and despite the evil all of mankind had done through the ages, He still asks the Father to forgive them.

The cross should always be our example when it comes to forgiving others. ‘Father Forgive Them’

Those who die in faith will ‘be with Christ’, Philippians 1:23.

And Jesus promised the thief that he would be with Him in paradise that day, not weeks, months or years from now but that day. ‘Today, You Will Be With Me In Paradise’

It’s interesting to see the love these women had for Jesus Hs own disciples had all, except John, deserted Him but the women, those courageous and loving women were there. Jesus cares to the last moment and He sees both His mother and the disciple He loved together and commends her to his care. He ignores His own suffering, Jesus is concerned for her and commits her to John’s care. ‘Woman, here is your son. Here is your mother.’

Many today believe that these words of Jesus clearly demonstrate that God actually turned His back on Jesus whilst He was on the cross, that God somehow, couldn’t bring Himself to look at Jesus and so abandoned Him because of the sin He was carrying. Although this idea seems plausible to some, to understand what Jesus meant we have to look to other Scriptures to see if this claim could actually be plausible. ‘My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?’

It’s near the end of Jesus’ human life, He senses it, He has hung on the cross for six hours now. It has become hard for Jesus to even get a breath. Hung from His arms, He must pull Himself up each time He wants to breathe, His shoulders ache, His mouth is parched and He is exhausted. And yet He doesn’t want to die without a final word, He asks for something to drink to wet His lips for this final effort. ‘I Thirst’

Every sin has been paid for, every evil deed judged, and the full and total price of our redemption purchased at the cross. That is the power of the blood of Jesus. That is the glory of the Son of God. It is finished, means it is accomplished, the task is done, it’s all over. The Gospels state that Jesus uttered a loud cry immediately before He died. ‘It Is Finished’

Jesus prays his final prayer with this kind of equanimity and peace because He knows the Father, and knows that there is life with the Father beyond death. As a devout Jew He has prayed these words as part of an evening prayer all His life. Now at the end of His life He prays them one last time and let’s go of human life in order to embrace the Life that the Father has to offer in His own presence. ‘Father, Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit’


"So Paul stayed for a year and a half, teaching them the word of God."

Acts 18:11