From Egypt To Sinai


Israel’s journey from Egypt to Sinai is one full of adventure but also full of heartache for God as His people continue to disobey Him. We learn a lot about God but even more about man’s sinful nature. Lord willing we can learn from their mistakes and learn to trust God more on a daily basis.

We shouldn’t come to Zion as if we were coming to Sinai, put away your hesitation and get bold in corning to God!However, there is much for us to learn at Mount Sinai, we learn of God’s holy requirements, what we must do before we can come to Him. We must be willing to receive God’s word, we must be set apart, we must be cleansed. we can only come after the third day, we must respect God’s boundary; we must restrain the flesh, and we must know we come to a holy God. Complete Study Of From Egypt To Sinai

The coming deliverance from Egypt is such a significant act that God tells the children of Israel to remake their calendar, the new year will now start with the month of their redemption from Egypt. On the tenth of this first month, each family, or household, is to take a lamb, and the lamb is to live with the family for the four days until Passover. In this way, the lamb was to be part of the family, when it was sacrificed on the fourteenth it would be cherished, and mourned. God wanted the sacrifice of something precious. God Institutes The Passover

The firstborn belongs to God. This was for three reasons, first, because Israel was God’s firstborn and this honoured that fact; second, because the firstborn was thought to be the best, and the best was always given to God, finally, to be a reminder to all generations of when God redeemed Israel, His firstborn. God’s Instruction To Israel Upon Their Departure From Egypt

God is setting an ambush for Pharaoh, even with the horror of the death of the firstborn, the change in Pharaoh’s heart is only temporary, and he will strike at Israel if he thinks he has a chance. Therefore, God instructed Moses to lead Israel in a way that looked confused, so Pharaoh would believe.

They are bewildered by the land, and come to strike Israel. God Leads Israel Through The Red Sea

The Lord is a man of war. This remarkable song is assumed to have come spontaneously, as Moses led the nation into the wilderness on the other side of the Red Sea. God prizes these spontaneous expressions of praise and worship, this is a new song sung unto the Lord. The Song Of Moses

The next destination for Israel was Mount Sinai, God had an important meeting in mind for them there, and they had to go through the Wilderness of Sin to get to Sinai.

The whole congregation began to murmur against Moses and Aaron, because they did not have enough food in the desolate wilderness. God Provides Manna For The Children Of Israel

At this point, Israel was completely in the will of God, yet there was no water to drink! Just because we are having problems, it doesn’t mean we are out of the will of God. No water for the people to drink, this is not an imaginary problem, the people are right to be concerned. But the people then contended with Moses, showing they responded to the problem in the flesh. God’s Provision And Protection Of Israel

Moses is reunited with his wife Zipporah and his two sons Gershon and Eliezer, apparently Moses had sent his family back to Midian at some time, perhaps during the plagues of Egypt. Moses had a special relationship with Jethro, though he had been raised in all the wisdom and education of Egypt, Moses no doubt learned more about real leadership from the priest and shepherd Jethro, whose flocks Moses tended until his call at Sinai. Jethro’s Counsel To Moses

It has taken them three months of trusting God to get to this place, but they are finally here. They have seen God’s deliverance from Egypt, received His guidance on the way to go, seen His glorious victory at the Red Sea, seen God provide food and water miraculously, and have seen a prayerful victory won over the Amalekites. The Nation Of Israel Comes To Mount Sinai



"One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: ‘Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.’"

Acts 18:9