Creation And Evolution


Despite decades of research, scientists have yet to come up with an explanation for evolution that they all can agree on. If scientists can’t agree on evolution and they’re supposed to be the experts, are you wrong to question the theory?

If life came about by accident, then our lives and all the things in our universe are meaningless. After all, if evolution were true, life would not seem to have any lasting purpose. On the other hand, if creation is true, we can find satisfying answers to questions about where we came from and the purpose of life.

Genesis 1:1 is a summary of creation and rest of the chapter are the accounts.

This one verse throws out all other religions, like Evolution, Atheism, Polytheism, Pantheism, Materialism and Humanism. In The Beginning


Thomas Chalmers, was a Scottish clergyman, born in 1780, who is probably best remembered as the man who was largely responsible for the founding of the ‘Free Church of Scotland’. Dr. Chalmers was a great orator, a mathematician and a chemist. As a writer, he produced a work entitled ‘Institutes of Theology’ which ran to 34 volumes! Creation Days And The Dinosaurs!

Genesis tells us our world was created by God! We’re told that God created an earth-home and then he created Man.

So, we’re not an ‘accident’ that just ‘happened’, we’re here because God wanted us to be here! Creation Of Man

The wonderful part about being a Christian is that we often learn new theories from others around us, some are interesting, and others really take us by surprise.

I recently came across a group of people who claimed that everyone who has ever lived on planet Earth, actually existed and lived in spirit form in heaven with the Father, prior to them being born. Did We Exist Before We Were Born?

When you take God out of the picture, you’re left with a pointless existence. When you take God out of the picture, you’re left with being nothing special.

Now if we’re going to try and reach anyone, we ourselves first need to understand the nature of man. We too first need to understand where we came from. What Are The Spirit, Body And Soul?

When I was younger, one of the films which tried to bring them to life was ‘Jurassic Park’, and then there were other TV programmes called ‘Walking with dinosaurs.’ People are fascinated by these strange creates, their size, their diet and their lifestyles.

Were they present with Adam and Eve in the garden? And if mankind lived with them for years, what happened to them? These are great questions and well worth taking the time to try and answer. Did Dinosaurs Exist?

If two people were driving two separate cars and had a head-on collision at 100 miles per hour, both cars would be destroyed and both people would die. You get one brand-new car and one brand new human from it! If I were to throw a hand grenade into a crowded room, it would kill everyone inside and destroy the building. Everyone knows that, that kind of collision destroys life and things, it doesn’t create new things or new life. The Theory Of Evolution

Every now and then we come across a question which is impossible to answer. Some things we don’t know the answer to because He hasn’t revealed the answer to us in His Word. Maybe we don’t need to know, maybe this is one of those questions we can ask Him when we get to heaven. Why Did God Create Us If He knew We Would Sin?


"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

Philippians 4:8